First Issue of 'Mass Effect' Comic Features James Vega; First Images Released

While gamers will no doubt be rejoicing over the return of beloved Mass Effect characters in Mass Effect 3, there are some new characters joining the fray that BioWare hopes will become equally as revered. To help make sure gamers still have something to hold onto long after Shepard has dealt with the Reapers, a comic book series is being released titled Mass Effect: Homeworlds that will help flesh out the ME universe.

Homeworlds’ storylines are being written by Mass Effect 3 writer Mac Walters, and should hopefully be just as compelling as a piece of DLC. That isn’t to say DLC won’t be featured prominently with the game; we expect there to be a ton of after market support.

Each featuring a different protagonist, starting with James Vega (the faux hawk side character BioWare tweeted out last year), Homeworlds will hopefully either continue the story of each character post-Mass Effect 3 or show where each character was before joining up with Shepard. Since BioWare has not shied away from the fact they have more ideas for the Mass Effect universe beyond ME3 perhaps these comics will help show where a future title could go.

Much like the Dead Space movies and the Batman: Arkham City prequel comics, it seems like developers and publishers are beginning to expand their storylines beyond the video game medium. Long after Commander Shepard is gone (or isn't?) gamers can continue their adventure on the digital pages of Mass Effect: Homeworlds.

There’s currently no official release date for Mass Effect: Homeworlds only a target month of April, and beyond Vega we have no idea which other side characters will be starring in subsequent issues. The idea still sounds very cool though.

What would you like to see out of this post-release Mass Effect comic series? Which other characters would you like to see featured in the comic?

Source: Kotaku

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