10 Amazing Mass Effect Cosplays Straight From The Game

Aliens  and humans with space armor are very difficult to cosplay, but that does not stop fans from accomplishing amazing costumes. The major science fiction franchise, Mass Effect, is a great example of how fans can create cosplay that often looks impossible.

Here we have listed ten amazing Mass Effect cosplays that look like they belong in a live-action film. Please check out the cosplayers, photographers, and artists that we have linked to this article, as they are the real stars and deserve your support.

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10 Shepard And Samara

While most of the Samara cosplay was made by cosplayer, Evil-Siren, the headpiece was made by Chiara Bartoli. According to Evil-Siren's description, Shepard was cosplayed by Yuriko and the photograph was done by TheYinas.

While Asari are difficult to cosplay, they can be the most beautiful when done well and Evil-Siren definitely pulled it off with her headpiece, make-up, gun, and overall outfit. Both she and Shepard look as if the characters came to life.

9 Liara

This gorgeous Liara cosplay was done by Jennifer Pryer, who is a professional when it comes to makeup. She has also cosplayed as Miranda from Mass Effect, but we decided to focus on her Liara cosplay for this list. Her makeup for this costume is amazing and that is why pictures of her Liara costume have already spread all over sites like Reddit

Besides characters from Mass Effect, she has also cosplayed Ciri from The Witcher 3, a Qunari Inquisitor from Dragon Age: Inquisition, and both the vampire Serana and a thief in the Nightingale armor from Skyrim

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8 Ryder And Cora

This photograph has been all over with no credit to the cosplayers so let's get this straight. Sara Ryder is by Keyvei and Cora Harper is by Niamash. The photograph was done by KIRA Photoarts.

Most cosplayers choose to dress as characters they love from games that they love, so it is sad when most of the comments are from haters of the Andromeda game. Andromeda does have a fandom and they are a talented and positive bunch of people. The fandom world would be a better place if there were more creative and open-minded Mass Effect fans like them out there.

7 Grunt And Jack

Grunt is by Bettcanard and Jack is by Karin Olava and they look like the real deal from a film. Sometimes to be an alien, you got to encase yourself inside a huge costume. That is especially true if you plan to be a Krogan like Grunt. Also, Jack takes a ton of work even though she is human since she is covered in tattoos.

The pose they have is especially cute since it is a callback to when Shepard has the option to headbutt a Krogan. We know if there was any other character who would headbutt a Krogan, it would be Jack.

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6 Ashley

Made and worn by Shiaya Costumes, this Ashley Williams looks like she came straight out of Mass Effect 3.

Depending on your choices, this character may not even appear in the third game. That is because she can die in the first game if you choose to save Kaiden instead of her. Sad, but that is what can happen when you play a game all about making tough choices.

5 Miranda

Miranda is a character who was created in a lab to have the perfect genes, so of course it would make sense for her cosplayer to be a model. This Miranda is cosplayed by a Polish model,  Jessika F, and the photograph was taken by Dark Stars Photography.

Miranda was actually a bit of a controversial character when Mass Effect 2 came out due to all the angles that involved her butt when you talked to her. However, some cosplayers do not mind wearing a bit of tight spandex from time to time.

4 Tali

The cosplayer is Dark Cloud Cosplay and the photo was done by Chiu Photography & Art. The effort put into a Tali cosplay is big, because she is all clothes and armor. On the bright side, that means you do not have to look at all like her to cosplay her. Other cosplays done by Dark Cloud Cosplay include Emily from Dishonored 2, Futaba from Persona 5, Zenyatta from Overwatch, Undyne from Undertale, and much more.

3 Kasumi

Photographed by Steven Brown and cosplayed by Mijiko88, Kasumi is a character that was introduced in Mass Effect 2. Her cosplayer has also done characters from Death Note, The Legend of Korra, Mortal Kombat, Final Fantasy, Sailor Moon, Black Butler, .Hack, and much more. She is also part of a cosplay duo called Apocalypse Meow.

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Kasumi was pretty different from other Mass Effect characters in that she worked with stealth more than rushing into combat. She also was only available in the story if you had her DLC in your game.


The cosplayer for this jaw-dropping EDI is Blackwater Cosplay and the photographer was Paul Hillier.  We cannot blame you if you thought this was a CGI model or art, but no, its a real person. Apparently, Blackwater Cosplay worked with Kink Engineering to create the costume.

Blackwater Cosplay has also done characters like Starfire from Teen Titans, BB8 from Star Wars, Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition, Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6, and more. Even she was impressed with how the photos turned out, as she wrote on her Facebook post of the picture, "Every time I see them I can't believe that they're real, or I'm real, or that this happened. I am so so so lucky."

1 Kai Leng

This may look like a painting, but its actually a cosplayer! The costume was made and worn by Cobheran and the photo was taken by Orlando Cosplay Photographer Elysia Griffin.

Kai Leng was an interesting villain in Mass Effect 3, seeming to almost be a match for Shepard in combat . . . almost. According to Cobheran, he gets a lot of interesting reactions from the bad guy cosplay. He wrote, "To this day when I wear this at conventions people will say to me 'Oh, you're that guy from Mass Effect....I HATED YOU!' Which usually leads to a good exchange and lots of laughs."

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