Though the images of Commander Shepard — be it Fem Shep or OG Shep — Liara, and Garrus will be forever engrained in the minds of every gamer who experienced BioWare‘s trilogy, what about the other guys, the nameless, sometimes faceless, villains of the franchise? While enemy agencies like Cerberus get their due in gold matches of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, not much attention is paid towards their design.

Artist Machine56, however, thought it would be interesting to immortalize the many agents of Cerberus with some cool mug shot-esque images. No action shots or cool poses here, just a close-up of the enemy’s helmet. Over on the artist’s DeviantART page are his works, which feature the Centurion, Phantom, and Trooper helmets, just to name a few.

Machine56’s intent is to eventually feature these images on shirts, and in a wide variety of colors, but it’s just an idea right now. Currently, the images are available only for desktop and mobile device wallpaper.

While not nearly as awesome as the Mass Effect-inspired hoodies that we featured a few weeks back, these wallpaper designs could make for some pretty cool apparel. Each of the various Cerberus trooper helmets are detailed in quite the same cartoony way as the hoodies — making a cross promotion between the two to actually getting these items made a real possibility.

Unfortunately, when you mention Mass Effect it comes with it the negative connotation associated with Mass Effect 3‘s lackluster ending. Though gamers have been promised an extension of the ending in the form of free DLC, that doesn’t change the initial sting. Still, from an objective perspective these pieces of art are pretty cool, and I’m sure that any Mass Effect fan would love to get their hands on them.

Which of the Mass Effect villain mug shots would you be most interested in seeing made into a t-shirt? Which do you want to see made a reality first: these shirts of the Mass Effect hoodies?

Source: DeviantART (via Kotaku)