Mass Effect: 7 Memorable Moments in the Series History

Mass Effect: 7 Most Memorable Moments in Series History - Commander Shepard Mass Effect cover art

Following an exciting N7 Day that saw the release of a new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer, Game Rant looks back at the most memorable moments in Mass Effect history.

With the Mass Effect trilogy, BioWare created an elaborate, engrossing science-fiction universe that has captured the imaginations of genre fans. The Mass Effect games have been praised for their intricate stories, complex characters, and the choices players have to make that shape the in-game universe. BioWare has filled these games with incredible moments that have left players breathless, with these being the 7 most memorable moments in Mass Effect series history.

Choosing Between Ashley and Kaidan (Mass Effect)

Mass Effect: 7 Most Memorable Moments in Series History - Ashley Williams and Kaidan Alenko

The Mass Effect games are all about making big decisions that have a far-reaching impact on the universe, but one of the toughest decisions in the series is on a smaller, more personal scale. In the first Mass Effect game, players have to choose to sacrifice either Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko in order to detonate a bomb on the planet of Virmire to deal a major blow to the enemy Geth forces. This heartbreaking decision is made even more emotional by the survivors' guilt expressed by the character players choose to save.

Kai Leng's Death (Mass Effect 3)

Mass Effect: 7 Most Memorable Moments - Kai Leng Mass Effect 3

While the looming Reaper threat is certainly intimidating in Mass Effect 3, arguably an even more hated villain in the game is the ruthless assassin Kai Leng. Kai Leng is an assassin for Cerberus, the mysterious anti-alien organization that serves as one of the main antagonistic forces in the original Mass Effect trilogy. Depending on choices players make throughout the trilogy, Leng can commit some of the most despicable acts in the series, possibly killing Thane, Miranda Lawson, and a number of other popular squadmates.

Because he is so hated, Kai Leng's death is one of the most triumphant moments in Mass Effect 3. Players can choose to dodge Leng's sword or shatter it into pieces during Leng's assassination attempt of Commander Shepard, but regardless the Cerberus assassin gets an omni-blade to the gut for his troubles, as well as a not-so-friendly reminder of his transgressions against Shepard's crew.

Meeting Sovereign (Mass Effect)


The Mass Effect games are full of thrilling action sequences, but one of the most memorable moments in series history is actually a conversation between Commander Shepard and Sovereign, the first Reaper players are introduced to in the series. The conversation with Sovereign, which takes place through a beacon on Virmire, is humbling, and sets the stage for the awe-inspiring war to come.

Mordin's Sacrifice (Mass Effect 3)

Mass Effect: 7 Most Memorable Moments in Series History - Mordin Solus

The salarians developed the genophage as a deterrent to krogan aggression. Unfortunately, the turians actually deployed the genophage, driving the krogan race to near-extinction. Eccentric salarian scientist Mordin Solus develops a cure for the genophage, and dies making sure it is released, giving up his own life to ensure the continuation of the krogan species. Mordin's sacrifice stands as one of the saddest and most memorable moments in Mass Effect 3.

Normandy's Destruction (Mass Effect 2)

Mass Effect: 7 Most Memorable Moments in Series History - Normandy SR1

After spending the entire first game aboard the Normandy SR-1, the ship almost becomes a character itself, and it's hard to blame gamers for growing attached to it. That's why the opening moments of Mass Effect 2 are so shocking, because the beloved Normandy SR-1 is absolutely demolished, resulting in over 20 dead crew members - including Commander Shepard himself. This catastrophic event leads to the introduction of The Illusive Man, and adds an intriguing layer to Shepard's character, as he deals with the status of his humanity following his Cerberus-funded resurrection.

Suicide Mission (Mass Effect 2)

Mass Effect: 7 Most Memorable Moments in Series History - Mass Effect 2 suicide mission

The entirety of Mass Effect 2 is spent preparing for the epic suicide mission finale that caps off the game. It's during this incredible sequence that players may see many of the most popular squadmates perish in battle, unless they make the proper preparations for the ordeal. A big part of preparing for the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2 is by completing loyalty missions, which are making a comeback in Mass Effect: Andromeda - could a suicide mission be in the cards for Commander Ryder?

The Final Decision (Mass Effect 3)

Mass Effect: 7 Most Memorable Moments - Catalyst Mass Effect 3

The ending to Mass Effect 3 is memorable for a number of reasons. Not only does it bring the original trilogy's story to a close, but it also features one of the most controversial endings to any video game ever. At the end of Mass Effect 3, Shepard encounters the "Catalyst" - which takes the form of a child - that gives him three choices. One choice will allow Shepard to destroy the Reapers and all synthetic life; another will allow him to take control of the Reapers; and a third allows Shepard to combine organic and synthetic life across the entire universe.

This ending was somewhat ambiguous, resulting in many fan theories attempting to explain what actually happened at the end of Mass Effect 3. Some felt the ending was lackluster, which eventually resulted in BioWare releasing an extended cut to try to make it up to some disgruntled fans.


The original Mass Effect trilogy gave gamers countless memorable moments, but with Mass Effect: Andromeda on the horizon, there should be plenty more to come. It remains to be seen if Commander Ryder's adventures will top the Commander Shepard saga, but we're sure the next game in the series will give gamers even more memorable moments.

Which Mass Effect moment is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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