Mass Effect: Andromeda May Add Cutscene-Exclusive Rifle


Gamerss that have ever been jealous of the guns characters wield in Mass Effect: Andromeda marketing will be pleased to hear that one cutscene-exclusive firearm might be appearing in-game as a fully functional weapon. Dubbed by some as the X5 Ghost, the stylish rifle has made appearances in several scenes in BioWare's game, but has never been available to use. That will apparently soon change, if a claim by BioWare is to be believed.

After being asked about where to find the particular rifle in Mass Effect: Andromeda's huge open-world environment, lead designer Ian Frazier announced on Twitter that the gun is only a prop for cutscenes at present.

"It was an early idea that become a prop, but doesn't exist as a functional gun in the game," Frazier revealed. "That said, several folks seem interested in it, so we're investigating the possibility of turning the prop into a usable gun for a future patch."

While fans are surely looking forward to seeing what the mysterious gun has to offer, BioWare has a lot of other areas to focus on as well. There have been numerous criticisms raised at Mass Effect: Andromeda since its launch, from stiff facial animations to frustrating matchmaking, so it's likely that adding a new weapon is lower on the totem pole of concerns. That being said, the developer has promised to discuss its plans to implement patch fixes on April 4, so fans won't have long to wait to see what new updates will be coming the the game.


As was mentioned, one of the more pressing concerns that fans have found with Andromeda is the serious downgrade to character facial animations, which, in many places, seem worse than previous installments in the franchise. Gaming historian Liam Robertson recently spoke with several BioWare employees and revealed that the reason for the animation issues might be outsourcing, something that will be difficult to rectify now that the game has released.

So while some gamers may be happy about a new gun coming to Mass Effect, no doubt many others would like to see BioWare focus its efforts in other directions. The list of complaints seems to get longer with each day, and fan interest is waning the longer the issues go unaddressed.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Twitter

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