E3 2015: 'Mass Effect Andromeda' Delivers a Whole New Galaxy

Mass Effect Andromeda E3 2015


Both BioWare and EA have been particularly coy about the upcoming Mass Effect 4, releasing only tidbits of information on the highly anticipated title. Without a doubt, fans of the series have been intrigued to see the variety of new worlds and alien species that the title had to offer, but so far details have been thin on the ground. Meanwhile, an apparent leaked survey revealed a number of rumored details about the science fiction sequel.

As such, a lot of was expected of EA's press conference for this year's E3, and rumors hit up the video game community quickly. Mass Effect 4 was top of many gamers' wish lists for the expo, particularly when speculation arose surrounding the potential reveal of gameplay footage. BioWare also added fuel to the fire, after the Mass Effect series producer posted a teasing image on his Twitter page last month.

Thankfully, E3 2015 has finally answered the Mass Effect community's need for more details on the fourth iteration of the sci-fi series. First and foremost, the title's official title has finally been unveiled, and is dubbed Mass Effect Andromeda. An initial teaser trailer showed a mysterious figure in N7 armor scanning through planets, searching for a destination.

Mass Effect Andromeda E3 2015

Interestingly enough, the trailer gives us a potentially controversial change in the game's setting, with Mass Effect Andromeda seeming to take place in a whole new galaxy. What this brings in terms of the role of Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy remains to be seen. There are certainly plenty of questions to be answered - particularly given that BioWare's official blog states that the title takes place "long after the events of the original trilogy."

Just what this will mean for the lore and in-depth story of the series is yet to be known. After all, one of the biggest successes of Mass Effect as a franchise is not only its plot but the varied and complex cast of supporting characters. Let's hope that Mass Effect 4 can affectively create another strong cast of characters - but with BioWare at the helm, the safe bet is on another story full of nuanced plot and character.

Fans still have a while to wait yet until Mass Effect Andromeda becomes a reality. The EA press conference not only teased that tantalizing trailer, but also revealed that the title is going to be released in holiday season 2016.

What do you think about this reveal? Do you think that Mass Effect Andromeda can live up to the expectations set by the original trilogy? Hit us up in the comments, and be sure to stick with Game Rant for all your E3 2015 needs.

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