The latest Mass Effect: Andromeda “Andromeda Initiative” trailer officially releases, introducing the speedy Tempest spaceship and the Nomad terrestrial vehicle.

Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s “Andromeda Initiative” series of videos have been a unique and exciting introduction to the┬ánew setting of BioWare’s upcoming RPG shooter. Rather than releasing several standalone trailers that each share portions of playable in-game content, the Andromeda Initiative provides insight into the game’s setting through in-universe training videos. It’s a look at Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s content without spoiling anything any playable portions of the game.

Today, BioWare released a third video for the Andromeda Initiative, which is titled the “Tempest and Nomad Briefing.” The trailer focuses on the vehicles in which players will spend the bulk of their in-game time riding around and exploring the galaxy. The Tempest is the name of the spaceship which will serve as the player’s home base, where the crew will live and work. The Nomad is the terrestrial vehicle that players will take to on-planet missions, and it’s to be Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s version of the Mako.

The cinematic trailer is narrated by the Tempest’s pilot, who has previously been confirmed to be a salarian like Mordin in the previous games. His name sounds something like Kallo Jaf, but the official spelling is unconfirmed. The pilot is shown to have intimate knowledge of the ship, which is interesting considering the fact that some are speculating that the voice work is being done by classic Mass Effect pilot Joker’s Seth Green, or perhaps his good friend Seth MacFarlane.

BioWare’s strategy of avoiding marketing that could spoil in-game content is well shown in this trailer. While it doesn’t show any gameplay content directly from the title itself, it is nonetheless rich in supplementary detail. Players will enter Mass Effect: Andromeda warmed to their primary spaceship and terrestrial vehicle. The excitement of exploring and getting to know each vehicle in the flesh will still remain, but a familiarity will already have been established.

Judging by the Mass Effect: Andromeda website’s “Training Hub” from which these Andromeda Initiative trailers are themed around, there are more trailers to come before the game’s launch. Three trailers have so far been released, starting with Welcome Orientation, followed by Arks & Nexus, and now Tempest & Nomad.

According to the tracking system on the website, there are to be six videos for viewers to ultimately watch before training is complete, meaning that three more Andromeda Initiative videos to be released down the line. For those interested, watching all six Andromeda Initiative videos and completing the training will unlock an exclusive Pathfinder-Grade helmet in Mass Effect: Andromeda when it launches.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC starting March 21.