Mass Effect: Andromeda producer Michael Gamble reveals that BioWare has ‘absolutely no plans’ to make improvements for the Project Scorpio version of the game.

BioWare space RPG Mass Effect: Andromeda is confirmed to have PS4 Pro support and although developer BioWare is still trying to figure out Andromeda‘s PS4 Pro frame rate, the game will run in 4K resolution on the console. Naturally, with PS4 Pro support confirmed Xbox gamers are also eager to know whether or not the game will also have 4K improvements on upcoming console Project Scorpio, as the Microsoft hardware allows 4K gaming too.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that Mass Effect: Andromeda will get any Project Scorpio improvements. In an interview with Stevivor, producer Michael Gamble stated that BioWare has “absolutely no plans right now” for Project Scorpio. Though, Gamble added that “you never know what’ll happen after that.” Gamble also explained that with the PS4 Pro, the team asked “what are the strengths of the console, and how can we optimise to make that experience best for players?” With that in mind, perhaps BioWare will add Scorpio improvements once it can answer that question better.


Although it may be disappointing to prospective Project Scorpio buyers that Andromeda may not make the best use of the console’s hardware, not all is lost. During the interview, in which Gamble also discussed an Nintendo Switch port for Andromeda, the producer explained how BioWare has made improvements on all current-gen consoles.

Gamble said that the galaxy map has improved over the map in the Mass Effect trilogy, as players can “look up the windscreen of the Tempest, and space is rendered in front of you 180 degrees.” Meanwhile, “if you go to the back of the Tempest, you’ll see that the star that’s behind the ship is actually there, reflecting light beautifully on the conference room in the Tempest” and “as you fly to a different area with a black hole, you see that effects things differently.”

The changes to the map are just one of a few new changes that BioWare has made when bringing the Mass Effect franchise to current generation consoles. The developer has previously explained that the Tempest won’t feature any loading screens, while BioWare has also learned from Mass Effect 3‘s ending, improving Andromeda‘s story as a result. At this point it’s still too soon to say whether the game will totally deliver on fans’ hopes, but right now it sounds as though it will hit all the right notes upon release.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is scheduled to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early 2017.