Mass Effect Andromeda, Conan Exiles Up to 35% Off in Easter PC Sale

Is Spring Break coming up and plans are a bit on the light side of things? Why not fill the break with TONS of PC gaming action? Digital retailers are stuffing their seasonal sales with some incredibly enticing offers on the latest releases, including late March release Mass Effect: Andromeda which has its Origin key price reduced (thanks to a coupon) by 32% to only $40.84 24% to only $45.59 (price went up 4/14/17).

On the survival online game side, the early access title Conan Exiles is now only $19.54, a new low price now that the game is discounted by 35% compared to its original list price. (The game is currently only 20% off on Steam Store.) Newer titles also include Tuesday's release of the indie title Yooka-Laylee and the PC port of Bayonetta.

Essentially all discounts we list below are Steam keys (short of Mass Effect: Andromeda and Elder Scrolls Online, of course) and will arrive instantly after you purchase, so you can add to your Steam library at a later date. Both sales will end next Tuesday, April 18, just a bit past noon at 1PM Eastern.

GMG Easter Sale

Use Code: EASTER

While GMG hasn't explicitly stated it, we suspect as the sale continues through the week until next Tuesday, they will introduce more deals from different publishers on a day-by-day basis. For example, when the sale started earlier this week the aforementioned Conan Exiles was not included, neither were 2K titles such as Mafia III  (which is now only $15).

Bundle Stars Easter Sale

Use Code: EASTER5

If you spot any other decent deals during the 2017's Spring/Easter sale, let us know in the comments and we'll add them to the list above. If anything expires early or goes "out of stock" - they too will be updated accordingly above.

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