BioWare’s Michael Gamble, a producer for the developer’s forthcoming science fiction title, Mass Effect: Andromeda, claims the game runs “awesome” on Xbox One.

It’s no secret at this point in time that many consider the next entry in BioWare’s incredibly popular franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda, to be one of the most highly anticipated video games of 2017. With that being the case, Xbox One fans will be happy to know that the BioWare producer working on the game, Michael Gamble, has proclaimed that Mass Effect: Andromeda runs “awesome” right now on Microsoft’s current generation console.

Gamble made the proclamation over the weekend by way of his official Twitter account, as the BioWare producer not only assured fans of Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s smooth presence on the Xbox One, but also outed himself as being a fan of Microsoft’s system over Sony’s PlayStation 4 by writing the hashtag “#TeamXbox.” Furthermore, as seen in the tweet from Gamble below, the BioWare producer provided fans with a sneak peek of what the science fiction title looks like on the Xbox One’s home screen, but he failed to mention exactly how it is “running awesome” on the particular platform.

I know what I'm playing this weekend. #TeamXbox @Xbox @XboxP3
— Michael Gamble (@GambleMike) January 21, 2017

@Davezillaman @Xbox @XboxP3 running awesome.— Michael Gamble (@GambleMike) January 22, 2017

Of course, BioWare wouldn’t want to alienate Mass Effect: Andromeda fans who are looking forward to playing the game on its other platforms, so the title’s lead designer, Ian Frazier spoke up to support the might of the PlayStation 4. As a matter of fact, Frazier playfully mentioned how inconsiderate Gamble had been to Xbox One fans for teasing them with an image of the game on the Microsoft system’s home screen, while also sending out a tweet depicting Andromeda on PlayStation 4’s home screen, saying that the studio wouldn’t want to “taunt the PS folks like that.”

As seen in Frazier’s tweet below, the same image found in Gamble’s tweet about Mass Effect: Andromeda on Xbox One appears on the PlayStation 4. Interestingly enough, though, neither BioWare employee shared a screenshot of what the game will look like when it’s on PC, but Gamble did mention that he plays the title on PC “literally every day.”

I'm sorry @GambleMike is such a tease to you xbox gamers. At least we don't taunt the PS folks like that.

Shit, gotta go, game time.
— Ian S. Frazier (@tibermoon) January 21, 2017

Beyond the platforms on which Mass Effect: Andromeda will run, Frazier also went on to talk about the game’s open-ended story in another tweet. Andromeda‘s lead game designer wrote, “I really need to get back to the main plot, but there are so many things for my pyromaniac Ryder to discover in #space…” Furthermore, Frazier also discussed a new gun he has been using in the title by utilizing Andromeda‘s weapon crafting and naming system, saying, “My new assault rifle, lovingly titled ‘Big Pew Pew,’ is a thing of beauty and wonder. And severe plasma burns. #space”

Taking all of this into consideration, with Mass Effect: Andromeda purportedly “running awesome” on Xbox One, it’s a safe bet to make that the game will look and perform even better on Microsoft’s forthcoming upgraded console, which is currently code named Project Scorpio. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen as to whether or not BioWare will commit to making a port of Andromeda for Scorpio, but the studio has said that a version for the system is “under consideration.”

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to launch on March 21, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.