EA Surveys Players on Mass Effect: Andromeda's Problems

Mass Effect Andromeda problems survey

When Mass Effect: Andromeda was released on PC and consoles at the end of March, the sci-fi RPG didn't quite hit the mark. Rumors about its turbulent development seemed to suggest that a lack of direction about what the game would be, how it would play, and the technology used to make it contributed to making a game that was panned by fans and critics.

But it seems that the companies behind the game are looking to improve things in future. Mass Effect: Andromeda publisher EA has now sent out a survey to players to get their feedback on the game and what may have gone wrong. The survey asks how likely the player is to recommend the game to a friend (on a scale of 1 to 10) and gives them 400 characters to explain the reason for choosing that number.

Although 400 characters isn't a lot of room – and isn't helpful for those who want to wax lyrical about the game's faults – it at least shows a willingness to listen by EA and BioWare. According social media posts, fans have responded to the survey complaining about the game feeling "phoned in," in addition to it having an open-world that doesn't feel enjoyable to explore and spend time in. And, of course, participants in the survey make mention of the title's poor facial animations.

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It's currently unclear exactly how soon EA and BioWare will be able to act upon this fan feedback. Sources out of BioWare Montreal, which made the game, say that the studio has suffered from huge layoffs following the poor reception of Andromeda. Work was set to begin on a sequel as soon as that game released, but the reception showed that they would need to go back to the drawing board, the entire Mass Effect franchise was put on hiatus.

It's almost a guarantee that BioWare and EA will be noting down every bit of fan feedback for Mass Effect: Andromeda, though, given how dismal the game's sales are looking. And not only are sales of the highly anticipated title said to be much lower than expected, but the concerns about the game's quality are bleeding into other unrelated BioWare projects.

For example, last week, fans flooded the recent Anthem corn maze video with Andromeda criticisms and asked BioWare Edmonton (which didn't work on the game) what it was doing to fix the Mass Effect series. So, if working to improve the Mass Effect series will restore its reputation and restore fan faith, then it will hold that feedback in very high esteem indeed.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: NeoGAF

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