Mass Effect Andromeda Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Thanks to a new listing on the Origin store, EA details what sort of pre-order goodies players can get for all three of the Mass Effect Andromeda editions.

After being completely radio silent for what seemed to be quite a long while, the flood of Mass Effect Andromeda information that many fans were looking for has finally come to pass. Already in the past couple of weeks, fans have gotten a first look at some of the new squad mates, multiplayer news, and other gameplay details. EA is hoping to make the pre-ordering process a bit more enticing now by providing new information on all of the goodies that await fans in each of the three different editions of the game.

As seen on EA's Origin store listing, Mass Effect Andromeda has a bunch of pre-order bonuses waiting for players. For anyone that pre-orders the game, the Deep Space Explorer Armor set will be available to use in game. No word on if that set provides any bonuses tot he player or if it's purely just cosmetic. Not only that, players will get a bonus skin for the now loading screen free Nomad ship along with a multiplayer booster pack containing five 50% XP boosters.

Players willing to pick up the slightly more expensive Deluxe Edition have even more to look forward to. Players will receive even more gear like the Pathfinder Casual Outfit and Scavenger Armor along with the Pathfinder Elite Weapon Set, which contains five unique weapons to use right away. The deluxe edition also comes with a digital copy of the soundtrack and the Multiplayer Deluxe Launch Pack for the yet to be revealed online component. For many though, the addition of a pet Pyjack (space monkey) in the Nomad may make this option too enticing to pass up.

Finally, for fans willing to spend a little more money, a Super Deluxe Edition is also available for $99.99. This version comes with everything listed above including Multiplayer Super Deluxe Booster Packs which essentially provides one co-op premium pack every week to the player over a twenty week span in total.

For all of the new information that has been revealed as of late, one thing that hasn't arrived yet is actual gameplay footage. While the reveal at the PlayStation 4 Pro event a couple months ago was a nice tease, fans won't have to wait too much longer for footage with a bit more substance. Next month at the Game Awards 2016, BioWare has confirmed that its bringing along the first real look at gameplay for Mass Effect Andromeda. It's unclear if this news means a new trailer, or perhaps something more like a short demo.

Do these preorder bonuses make you want to preorder the game or are you planning to wait until you've seen more? Let us know your plans down in the comments.

Mass Effect Andromeda launches March 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: EA Origin

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