Mass Effect: Andromeda Teases Platinum Difficulty for Multiplayer


Today, BioWare released an official teaser trailer pointing toward the eventual addition of a Platinum Difficulty mode for Mass Effect: Andromeda's APEX multiplayer missions that is set to test fans by imploring them to "Take your skills to the next level." Not much is revealed in the clip, but it does set up the potential for the studio to unveil much more information about the new difficulty in the near future.

As seen below in the tweet from the official Twitter account for Mass Effect: Andromeda, an attached video depicts a batarian – that is, the franchise's extraterrestrial race of four-eyed bipeds who are native to the world of Khar'shan – stepping into frame, and presumably preparing to do battle with players. Beyond that, however, BioWare does little to explain how the character will tie into the addition of the Platinum Difficulty mode.

For those unaware, Mass Effect: Andromeda's APEX multiplayer missions are squad-based challenges, with the Platinum missions set to join Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels and become an activity for the action-RPG's most adept players. With this being the case, perhaps the appearance of the lone batarian figure in the teaser clip above is indicating that the alien race will be the primary antagonists of the next mission, and provide a difficult battle for those looking for a more daunting challenge.

While the addition of Platinum Difficulty is sure to please Mass Effect: Andromeda players who are looking to have their skills truly tested in APEX multiplayer missions, most of the game's fans would prefer it if BioWare added more single-player content instead. However, there's still a fair bit of confusion as to what state the action-RPG's campaign expansions are in, as the title's producer Fernando Melo recently spoke up about single-player DLC, but only to quell the tumultuous rumors that the studio had been working with an outside company for add-on materials.

All things considered, Mass Effect: Andromeda may very well only be receiving multiplayer updates like the Platinum Difficulty mode for the foreseeable future, for with the franchise officially being on hiatus, there's just a small team working on the title at the moment, as the majority of the studio has moved on to other projects. With this being the case, it stands to reason that single-player DLC could be a long way off, if not indefinitely postponed.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Mass Effect – Twitter

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