Mass Effect: Andromeda Has No Ship Loading Screens


The next installment in video game developer BioWare's science fiction series, Mass Effect: Andromeda, has no loading screens within the title's Tempest ship.

As Mass Effect: Andromeda fans ought to expect, BioWare is doing its best in order to retain all of what made the original games in the franchise so great while also refining the forthcoming sequel so as to have it stand out as its own unique product in the series. Recently, the developer revealed the romance changes to the release, and now the studio wants to give fans a closer look at the next entry's counterpart to the main trilogy's Normandy by detailing the features found within Mass Effect: Andromeda's own space-faring rig, the Tempest.

Similar to the Normandy, Mass Effect: Andromeda's Tempest will the serve as players' home base within the game. Obviously, though, in order to make it feel more unique than its predecessor, BioWare has made some changes, with one of the more exciting alterations being that the ship has no loading screens when the protagonist Ryder is moving throughout the vessel. Plus, the studio has said that shifting from the Tempest into planet exploration will also be a seamless experience.

Not only will Mass Effect: Andromeda's Tempest nix loading screens while in the ship, but also the way players choose their destination will be different from the original trilogy, as they will now stand on the bridge of the spacecraft and look out into the galaxy to do so instead of shifting into a map. Furthermore, another part of the ship will contain a holographic interface which players will use to upgrade their characters. In doing so, players will also be able to redistribute ability points and manipulate upgrades to best fit the mission.


Should one be into the ability to alter environmental aesthetics, Mass Effect: Andromeda will let players customize Ryder's quarters somewhat, while also letting them have pieces of memorabilia from missions that have been completed. Not to mention, the Tempest even has a garage that houses the Nomad vehicle, which is a surface exploration transport similar to the first three games' Mako.

Of course, there may be some aspects lacking in the Mass Effect: Andromeda's Tempest that could disappoint fans. For instance, BioWare has confirmed that the ship cannot be flown manually by players. However, one positive tweak could stem from the pilot of the vessel being salarian, and if they're anything like Normandy's Joker, then there should be plenty of incredibly quick quips and humorous conversation to be had.

All in all, Mass Effect: Andromeda seems to be coming together quite nicely, and the Tempest has the potential to be a solid replacement for the Normandy. With any luck, fans will be able to get an in-depth look at all of this and more in action once BioWare shows off the title's first official gameplay footage at The Game Awards 2016.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to launch sometime in the first quarter of 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer (via VG 24/7)

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