Gamers got their first, albeit brief, taste of the new Mass Effect universe that BioWare Montreal is working on when Mass Effect Andromeda was finally revealed during EA’s E3 2015 press conference. While the CG trailer featured no gameplay, fans did get their first look at the new protagonist overlooking massive worlds scanning for something not yet known.

While details remain slim on this highly anticipated title, fans managed to squeeze a bit more information out of the game’s development director over on social media. Will your favorite character be returning in Mass Effect Andromeda? Chances are looking slim.

In an impromptu question and answer session over Twitter, senior development director, Chris Wynn, took some time to answer fan questions about the upcoming sci-fi RPG. One question flat out asked if fans could expect to see familiar faces in the new title which was quickly shot down as it wouldn’t make sense to the overall story. Wynn also wouldn’t confirm whether or not fans would run into some minor characters from the trilogy due to the fact that the studio has not added every single character as of yet.

Without a clear character connection to the past trilogy, fans began wondering how this new Mass Effect would connect to the past games. Wynn went on to say that even while the characters may be different, fans will still feel at home thanks to the many races, character interactions, and the fact that the Mako is returning after a long absence.

Unfortunately for fans, Wynn’s responses don’t really help in establishing a potential timeline for Mass Effect Andromeda. With no familiar faces returning due to conflicting with the story, one could interpret that to mean the timeline takes place either before or after the events in the trilogy. On the other hand, during ComicCon 2014, the team did reveal that the title takes place during the Commander Shepard era. If that remains true, then fans should expect to see a whole new part of the universe away from familiar spots like Citadel.

Since the game’s E3 reveal, many theories have begun popping up once the connection was made that the song used in the trailer wasn’t chosen at random. Confirmed by studio head, Yanick Roy, the Johnny Cash song, Ghost Riders in the Sky, was selected for “very good reasons” and he hasn’t yet spilled the beans as to why that choice was made.

How do you feel about the lack of familiar faces coming in Mass Effect Andromeda? If you could have one squad mate return from any of the previous games, who would it be and why?

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled for release in 2016 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Chris Wynn Twitter