Mass Effect: Andromeda Launches First Multiplayer APEX Mission

In a week that has been less than smooth, Mass Effect: Andromeda is finally out on store shelves, letting players finally explore the Andromeda galaxy. In an effort to continue to keep the multiplayer community strong, BioWare has added its first post-launch APEX mission which adds a new class, in-game items, and is centered around a lost scout team headed up by Nakmor Drack.

According to the press release, the Krogan have lost contact with a number of their patrols around the newly added map, Firebase Paradox. It's here that the kett have discovered a Remnant artifact, a mysterious and powerful relic that could enable to person that controls it to dominate the system. The krogan were sent in to assess the situation and unfortunately were never heard from again. As APEX agents, Mass Effect: Andromeda players can squad up or send in teams to investigate and stop the threat.

In addition to a brand new map and mission to play or finish with a strike team, this update also includes some new content. The biggest addition here is the inclusion of the Krogan Gladiator class, a high health biotic user that hits just as hard. In addition to a massive Krogan hammer melee weapon, this class comes outfitted with three biotic abilities: Nova, Pull, and Annihilation. The devastating Ruzad Shotgun is also available now, a slow firing weapon that causes massive damage and staggers the enemy.

Both the Gladiator and Shotgun can be unlocked through purchasing store packs, either with real money or in-game currency, while completing the mission grants additional bonuses. Interested fans only have a small window of opportunity as this new mission will come to an end on March 27 at 9am PDT.

Unfortunately for some, the multiplayer has been another source of frustration due to reports of various matchmaking issues and higher than normal lag. Players looking to squad up with friends have reported that the multiplayer doesn't make it easy, with most having to create a custom match and hoping additional players join to fill out the team. The peer-to-peer connections between players are also causing many matches to become extremely stuttery, making it difficult to keep up with the action on screen.

Do you like these new APEX missions showing up every now and again? What other content additions would you like to see down the road? Let us know in the comments.

Mass Effect Andromeda is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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