Mass Effect: Andromeda Introduces New Krogan Squadmate


Although BioWare has already revealed the existence of the krogan companion in Mass Effect: Andromeda, the studio has decided to give fans an even closer look and better understanding of the character known as Nakmor Drack with a new introductory video focusing on the quirks, abilities, and personality traits he will bring to the game's Pathfinder team. While Drack is one of many squadmates able to be selected in the game, he could very well be one of the more interesting and dynamic team members available, if the studio's latest clip highlighting the krogan is to be believed.

As seen below in the latest Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer, BioWare writer Catherine Rootsaert narrates the breakdown of Drack as a companion, and begins by revealing him to be the oldest krogan introduced to fans in the franchise's universe yet. Furthermore, as one might expect from a krogan character who has been around for a long time, Drack definitely has a surly personality, but manages to have endearing qualities as well, such as his obvious penchant for the Ryder twins.

According to Rootsaert, out of all the partners capable of being selected in Mass Effect: Andromeda – be it the asari Peebee or human Liam Kosta – Drack is one of the most loyal squadmates to be found within the game. For instance, rather than taking off with his own kind, Drack decides to stick by the Nexus and the Pathfinder group, and stays true to his granddaughter Kesh, who is the superintendent of the Nexus.

Similar to other krogans, Drack not only has a knack for doing battle, but also thoroughly enjoys it, as he will "mix it up" with practically anyone who crosses his path, be it some of the villainous members of the Kett alien race, or even friendly salarians. However, those who stick it out to the end of the video above will notice that Drack has a tender side, too. Once the clip ends, he can be seen gently resting his head on the protagonist Ryder's shoulder, as the rest of the crew spend time together for what is presumably looks like a movie night aboard the Tempest ship.

All things considered, it seems as if BioWare has really taken its time in developing nuanced characters and companions in Mass Effect: Andromeda, for even though figures like Drack display an overt personality type based on their species, each individual will have unique qualities all their own. In order to get to the heart of each companion, though, players should expect to spend lots of time with Andromeda's huge portion of dialogue options.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to launch on March 21, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN – YouTube

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