In a new post on its official website, BioWare finally reveals the new Krogan companion players can bring along during the events of Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Though the wait for Mass Effect Andromeda has been a bit longer than many fans would have likely preferred, the highly anticipated next entry in the popular franchise is now only about a month away. Interestingly enough, even with such little time left before release, there are still a lot of details and information that BioWare is keeping under wraps. So far, fans have been itching to know more about the available special abilities, multiplayer gameplay, and even potential squad mates, something the franchise is well known for. Though there is still much left to reveal about Mass Effect Andromeda, BioWare has finally detailed the mysterious Krogran companion for fans.

In a new post on the official Mass Effect Andromeda site, BioWare officially reveals Nakmor Drack, the hulking Krogan companion that players will be interacting with throughout the game. Though briefly seen in previous trailers, Drack is an elder Krogran, causing trouble for the Milky Way galaxy for over 1,400 years. Known for being a skilled soldier, mercenary, and occasionally a pirate, the Krogan didn’t think twice about signing up for the Andromeda Initiative if only for the chance to explore a brand new galaxy with all new things to shoot.

While he may seem a little rough around the edges, Drack’s profile lists him as stubborn but loyal. This Tuchanka-born warrior enjoys combat up close and personal sporting a devastating Ruzad shotgun. To go with his ferocious combat style, Drack has access to the Blood Rage ability which essentially gives him a major increase to melee damage, reduces all incoming damage, and provides extra health regeneration. Essentially, he becomes a force of nature and is incredibly difficult for his enemies to put down.

Do you have any idea how many humans I’ve watched die? You’re meat. You spoil.

Nakmor Drack joins the ranks of previously revealed companions Cora Harper, Liam Costa, Pelessaria “PeeBee” B’Sayle, and the recently revealed female Turian, Vetra Nyx. Nyx is an interesting addition to the group considering the evolution of the Turian race within the series. Prior to the Omega downloadable content for Mass Effect 3, Turians such as Garrus Vakarian were exclusively male. Thought a definitive reason was never given as to why this was the case, BioWare did cite a number of technical hurdles such as development time and insufficient hardware memory on consoles as the main reasons for this limitation.

Considering the vast amount of characters that have appeared in previous games like Mass Effect 3, players should expect to see a lot more companion reveals in the coming weeks before the title hits store shelves in March.

What do you think of Nakmor Drack? Will he be joining your squad once the game arrives?

Mass Effect: Andromeda launches on March 21, 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.