Mass Effect: Andromeda may not have provided gamers with a hero that could fill the gigantic shoes of a certain Command Shepard, with BioWare’s followup to the massively successful trilogy falling short of its lofty expectations. But one PC fan decided to make playing as Ryder a little more fun, implementing a new system that allows gamers to fly like Iron Man around each map, shooting in first person as they streak across the sky. Mass Effect: Andromeda already had jetpacks, so it wasn’t exactly a stretch – although turning Ryder into Glider was probably never on the cards when the game was being developed.

The free Mass Effect: Andromeda mod disables both fatal falls and map boundaries, allowing gamers to fly around any planet to their heart’s content. Environmental hazards still exist, so players will still have to pay attention to where the airborne armor flies them. Similarly, attempting a takeoff with an object in front of Ryder simply results in an error noise, since nobody wants to see an Iron Man impersonator immediately impale themselves onto a steel beam.

Rumors were recently abound that a studio named Sinclair Networks had been working on Mass Effect: Andromeda downloadable content before the project was allegedly shuttered, prompting Andromeda producer Fernando Melo to clarify that BioWare wouldn’t outsource production of DLC or patches. Since Mass Effect: Andromeda has been shelved for the time being and key studio members have been sent to other projects, it seems like any potential DLC for the series will never see the light of day – although BioWare hasn’t officially ruled that out.

Official DLC aside, it seems like this simple Iron Man mode is the biggest release the Mass Effect PC community has had in the last few weeks, and one gets the feeling that it just might be the biggest thing for a while. We have to say, an Iron Man armor mod would compliment this quite nicely. It’s not the DLC fans wanted, but it’s something, and that’ll have to do for Andromeda.

Interested gamers can download the PC modification here. BioWare doesn’t support console modifications like Bethesda, so only PC gamers will be able to bring out their inner Tony Stark along the Heleus cluster.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Nexus Mods