Bioware’s Senior Director of Creative Development Alistair McNally says that the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda and unannounced new IP are both looking ‘stunning’.

While there’s still a year to wait before the expected Q1 2017 release date for Mass Effect: Andromeda, there have been some worrying signs of late regarding the game’s development team. Following the departure of Bioware’s senior development director Chris Wynn, the studio was subsequently hit by the loss of lead writer Chris Schlerf and senior editor Cameron Harris. But if a recent tweet from Bioware’s Alistair McNally is anything to go by, it appears that Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming along nicely, despite these recent high-profile staff departures.

McNally, Bioware’s Senior Director of Creative Development, recently tweeted out that he’s played the Shepard-less Mass Effect: Andromeda and Bioware Edmonton’s unannounced new IP. Instead of any doom and gloom regarding the development progress of both games, McNally wrote that both titles are “looking stunning”. Having said that, McNally’s tweet should be taken with an air of caution, as his comments regarding Mass Effect and Bioware’s new IP may not accurately reflect what’s really going on.

Here’s McNally’s tweet regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda and Bioware’s unannounced new IP.

Gamers will undoubtedly focus on the Mass Effect part of McNally’s tweet, but it’s not all just about Mass Effect: Andromeda. Just last week at the Game Developers Conference, McNally had actually secretly revealed the name of Bioware Edmonton’s New IP via a t-shirt, hence the “plain t-shirt” comment at the end of his tweet. Seeing as how no details of any kind have been revealed about this new IP, McNally’s comments about the game doesn’t really reveal anything for gamers.

With possibility of a new Dragon Age Tactics game, as well as Mass Effect: Andromeda, the secretly revealed new IP, and Bioware Austin’s new IP currently in the works, there is little doubt that the studio has a lot on its plate. Despite McNally’s reassurance that Mass Effect: Andromeda is going well, the constant delays and development team restructuring has got many worrying about how Bioware’s upcoming titles are going to turn out.

But seeing as how Bioware are holding its cards close to its chest right now, let’s withhold judgment until the new titles are announced, and some new Mass Effect gameplay and story details are released.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set for launch in the first quarter of 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Twitter (via GameSpot)