Mass Effect: Andromeda Easter Egg Remembers Garrus

Mass Effect: Andromeda Garrus Vakarian

When it comes to beloved Mass Effect characters, it's harder to find a more popular character than Garrus Vakarian. The militaristic turian appeared in all three games of the Mass Effect trilogy, and many gamers opted to bring him along for every possible mission along the way.

Now that Mass Effect: Andromeda has established itself in an entirely new galaxy, it only makes sense that the beloved Turian stick to the Milky Way. Still, BioWare has included two easter eggs to help fans remember the popular Garrus.

Andromeda's spiritual successor to the Mako is the Nomad, a 6-wheeled all-terrain vehicle that adheres a little more to gravity than its predecessor ever did. In Mass Effect: Andromeda, gamers can actually find or purchase various paint jobs for their new ride, and one of these is called Archangel. Those who played through the second Mass Effect will remember that this is Garrus Vakarian's nickname when he becomes a vigilante on Omega, and the description and palette of the design suggestion a connection between the two.

Mass Effect Andromeda Archangel Nomad Skin

While it isn't exactly a subtle reference, it's also not the only nod to Garrus that the BioWare writing team managed to slip into the game. Switching to the codex and looking up the description for Turians will reveal a line that says their skeletal structure allows for increased reach and flexibility, which is an obvious throwback to one of Vakarian's more infamous romance dialogue lines. Vetra Nyx - Andromeda's new Turian squadmate - certainly has some big shoes to fill if she wants to become a fan-favorite like her male counterpart.

For many gamers, the jury is still out on whether Mass Effect: Andromeda is a worthy follow up to the highly regarded trilogy. The game has garnered plenty of controversy due to its problems with facial animations and occasionally awkward dialogue, though truthfully the original trilogy certainly had its moments here too - they were just far less prevalent.

In any event, filling Shepard's shoes is a formidable task, and the same goes for Garrus Vakarian. His time in the limelight may be over, but he won't be forgotten by fans of Mass Effect anytime soon.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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