New Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Premieres on PS4 Pro

mass effect andromeda tech video

At today's PlayStation Meeting, Electronic Arts shows off a tech video for Mass Effect Andromeda that highlights some of the new environments, character, and movement options in the game.

Although much of the focus of Sony’s PlayStation Meeting was on the unveiling of the new PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro consoles, the event was not without a few game-related surprises. More specifically, the event played host to gamers' first look at Mass Effect Andromeda via a brief, pre-Alpha gameplay segment.

While not much is known about the story of Mass Effect Andromeda, the visuals in BioWare’s upcoming game are certain to draw a fair share of attention. Graphically, Mass Effect Andromeda keeps in line with the aesthetic of the series, while pushing visually fidelity forward.

What was shown during the demo was an enclosed alien environment that adjusted to the player’s movements. There were even some smaller, floating alien creatures seen, who are apparently a threat to Mass Effect Andromeda’s main character, Ryder.

At the conclusion of the scene, we see that two companions, an Asari character briefly highlighted in past Mass Effect Andromeda concept art and a character hidden by a helmet and space suit, join Ryder. Presumably these two characters are one of several companions that will accompany Ryder on his interstellar journey, not unlike the trios formed in past Mass Effect games.


Effects in the tech video were also top notch, showcasing the way alien technology may interact with the player and influence the environment. Mass Effect has traditionally been about exploring unique worlds, so it is good to see BioWare leverage new technology to take those ideas to new levels. We also saw that Ryder has a new jetpack to accompany him/her on the journey, and presumably unlock new ways to discover the environment.

For a gameplay teaser, the Mass Effect Andromeda footage seemingly did enough to spark fans interest, without showing too much. It’s unclear how the action RPG gameplay has changed for this next step in the series, and there was no look at how dialogue and choice will play into the proceedings. Truthfully, this was just a small sample of Mass Effect Andromeda, presumably meant to tease a larger reveal somewhere down the line.

Obviously since the focal point of this event was the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, Electronic Arts did not want to steal too much of the thunder away from Sony. But, for a brief look at gameplay, Mass Effect Andromeda is sure to have fans talking and speculating. Stay tuned for more info on Mass Effect Andromeda.

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