EA Studios boss Patrick Soderlund reveals why Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay hasn’t been shown, reassuring fans worried about the game’s development.

Earlier this year at E3 2016, EA got everyone talking with a brand new Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer. The video, which is just a couple of minutes long, offered fans of the sci-fi series a behind the scenes look at the game and included scenes where the Mako is driving through the desert and another where the player character is being mauled by a humongous enemy. Although it had plenty to get excited about, the trailer did not offer fans the significant look at gameplay that they were hoping for.

So it was also disappointing then, when Mass Effect: Andromeda wasn’t shown during EA’s Gamescom presentation either. The games publisher didn’t show off the upcoming BioWare game at all, choosing instead to discuss the possibility of Mass Effect remasters. Though, in a new interview, EA Studios boss Patrick Soderlund ensures fans that they will get their first look at gameplay “in the not too distant future.” Soderlund also says that he “played through the first three hours of the game. It’s very playable.”


With Mass Effect: Andromeda recently delayed to 2017 and with there having been several high profile departures from the development team, naturally, some fans have come to fear that no gameplay has been shown off as the game is in trouble. However, Soderlund addresses that in saying “there is no alarm about, ‘Why aren’t they showing it?’” and that instead, it just comes down to EA wanting to make sure that “the game will get the right type of exposure at the right time and that we can the right voice for it.”

Soderlund further explains that “right now we’re focused on our big titles for [October through December], and when that’s done, we’ll shift to Mass Effect,” the executive also reiterated that fans will “see a lot more very shortly.” EA has an incredibly packed holiday release slate including Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 which launch just weeks apart and there are also its sports sims FIFA 17 and NHL 17. With that said, it’s unclear exactly when EA will find the time to give Mass Effect: Andromeda the showcase it deserves.

A likely reveal date is N7 Day on November 7th, with BioWare traditionally using the date (which celebrates the in-game military force ‘N7’) to reveal new information and to celebrate the franchise. By this time, EA’s entire holiday slate will have launched and the publisher should have plenty of time to promote Andromeda even more.

Source: Game Informer

Mass Effect: Andromeda arrives for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in March 2017.