Just a few days after unveiling their Overwatch figures, Funko reveals its line of Pop figures for the upcoming sci-fi action game Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect: Andromeda, the highly-anticipated game set for release in March, has been making a ton of headlines recently. Today, the title is in the news again for a more light-hearted reason: Funko, makers of the popular Pop Vinyl toys, has revealed its line of figures based on Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Included in Andromeda‘s official Funko Pop figures are characters many fans are awaiting to play as or simply see in the game. Funko fans and Mass Effect enthusiasts alike can pick up figures for “crisis response” specialist Liam Kosta, Jaal, the terrifying Archon, a gun-wiedling Peebee, and two new versions of Sara Ryder — a “masked” one and another in which she’s wearing an N7 suit. These six new figures join the previously-announced Mass Effect: Andromeda Funko Pops: Peebee without her gun and a standard Sara Ryder.

This news comes shortly after a similar announcement, when Funko revealed its Overwatch Pop figures. While the reveal may excite some gamers, the exclusivity of certain figures in the Mass Effect: Andromeda line may boost that. The Archon figure is a super-sized one, standing at six inches tall, and the “Peebee (with gun)” figure is only available at Target retailers. Likewise, both newly-announced Sara Ryder figures are store exclusives: masked Sara can only be purchased with Best Buy and the N7-suited Sara is a GameStop-only Pop Vinyl.

mass effect andromeda funko pop figures

As evidenced by this week’s back-to-back reveal, with the Overwatch Pop figures announcement still fresh on gamers’ radars, Funko is seasoned at bringing game-based merchandise to consumers while the titles are being heavily discussed. Overwatch recently released its Year of the Rooster event update to its (as of January 26, 2017) 25 million players, and has been unleashing nerfs to characters like Roadhog and D.va.

Similarly, a great deal of gamers are buzzing about the latest Mass Effect: Andromeda news, particularly the breathtaking cinematic trailer. With the additional announcements that the game will allegedly include melee weapons and that BioWare has expressed it will “definitely consider looking at” Andromeda for Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio upgrade, the time is ripe for another Mass Effect: Andromeda-related announcement, even if it is just some simple collectible merchandise.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released on March 21, 2017, available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.