Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Highlights Exploration on Three Different Planets


With Mass Effect: Andromeda's launch not too far away from now, BioWare has sanctioned the release of yet another gameplay video for the science fiction shooter, with the most recent bit of footage focusing on how exploration will work on the three different planets of Voeld, Kadara, and Eos. Although the video is relatively short when compared to the developer's previous release of assets like the nearly 17-minute long look at one of the companion Peebee's Loyalty Missions, the studio manages to pack in a good portion of information on the general environment for each individual planet in the latest clip, as well as the types of encounters players should expect to have on them.

As seen below in the clip courtesy of IGN, the first planet featured is Voeld, which happens to be an ice planet that's almost totally filled with snow and that's populated by the angara species. As some Mass Effect: Andromeda fans might expect, the cold weather is extremely hazardous, as it not only affects the well-being and handling of the Nomad exploration vehicle, but also the protagonist Scott Ryder himself, as the health of the main character and condition of the rover in the lower left portion of the screen are impacted by the planet's "harsh climate."

Next up is the planet Kadara, with the Mass Effect: Andromeda video showing off the heavenly body's warm weather, as well as the Nomad's traversal over its rocky and mountainous terrain. Additionally, when Kadara is highlighted in the clip, fans get a glimpse at combat against a giant, brutish beast who has killed two scouts, in addition to a battle between Ryder's crew and some enemy raiders who are presumably protecting an alien structure of some kind.

Finally, the Mass Effect: Andromeda exploration video focuses on the planet Eos, which is mostly "desert-like" and has some incredibly unfriendly creatures that are looking to wipe players off the map entirely. More specifically, the big baddie that's featured is a massive mechanical enemy that was just recently featured in several 4K screenshots released by Nvidia. Fans should expect a difficult fight against the motorized monster, as they will need to have Scott and Sara Ryder at a high level in order to defeat it.

Of course, Voeld, Kadara, and Eos are just a small handful of the celestial orbs able to be visited in Mass Effect: Andromeda, as BioWare has previously confirmed the game's inclusion of over 100 planets for players to explore. Taking all of this into consideration, it's a safe bet to make that gamers are itching to chart a course to the game's Andromeda Galaxy and investigate all that it has to offer.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to release on March 21, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: IGN – YouTube

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