Mass Effect Andromeda Behind the Scenes Video and Details

mass effect andromeda video e3 2016

EA unveils a stunning behind-the-scenes video of Mass Effect: Andromeda during its E3 2016 presentation, teasing the prospect of new alien races and varied locales.

Without a doubt, one of the biggest prospects of EA's E3 2016 presentation was the chance to see more of the highly anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda. Thankfully, developer BioWare was on hand to deliver an exciting behind-the-scenes video, showing off some intriguing snippets from the upcoming space-faring RPG.

Fans will have already expected that Mass Effect: Andromeda would push the boundaries of the Mass Effect franchise, but it seems as though BioWare has been taking this pioneering attitude to heart in every way. The plot of the game revolves around faring deep into a new galaxy, after all, and the title is set to continue this through the integration of new alien races, new planets, and new technologies to discover. However, from a game design standpoint, Mass Effect: Andromeda will also be separate from the previous Mass Effect trilogy.

BioWare has promised that Mass Effect: Andromeda will allow the player more freedom than ever seen in a previous BioWare game. The title is also going to be entirely powered by the Frostbite game engine - a first in the series' history. The full E3 2016 video can be seen below.


Of course, with humanity now acting as the alien race in the new title, expect to face a fair amount of conflict out in the Andromeda galaxy. The new trailer reveals some fearsome-looking foes to battle, and the stunning graphics of the title makes those firefights look even more dangerous than before.

The return of the Mako vehicle had already been confirmed by BioWare, but the much-maligned off-roader from the original Mass Effect could be seen making a strong return, roaming freely across a vibrant new planet. Although the Mako was not exactly everyone's favorite video game mode of transport, the return of this explorative edge was something that was wanted by Mass Effect fans.

Perhaps most importantly, however, this behind-the-scenes video may have given fans a first glimpse at the game's protagonist. A female explorer appears to wake in a stasis room, before uttering the line "we made it." Could this be the replacement for Commander Shepard?

Some gamers, however, may be a little aggrieved at the lack of a full gameplay trailer, and this video still does not offer up a finite release date or any fully fledged ideas regarding how it will play. Perhaps more will be revealed over E3 week, or maybe over the course of the next few months. Until then, however, early 2017 could be a best case scenario for the title.

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