BioWare has reportedly updated Mass Effect: Andromeda on the PC to remove the game’s Denuvo DRM. The 1.09 patch for Mass Effect: Andromeda notably added a Platinum difficulty to the game’s multiplayer mode and continued to improve the RPG’s facial animations, but a significant change may have been slipped in under everyone’s noses. According to DSO Gaming, Mass Effect: Andromeda no longer has the DRM its maintained since launch.

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been one of the few major games to struggle with Denuvo, a modern-day PC DRM that’s often seen as extreme but proficient. Crackers managed to break through Andromeda‘s Denuvo DRM quickly, a rare occurrence that’s growing more widespread. Despite the quick crack, Electronic Arts updated the Denuvo version on Mass Effect: Andromeda to prevent pirates from playing future versions of the game or its patches. Since, it seems that Electronic Arts has either decided it has made the most of the DRM or given up on its benefits.

That doesn’t mean that Mass Effect: Andromeda is DRM-free like one might expect from GOG or other platforms, however. Mass Effect: Andromeda on PC is still constrained to the Origin service and the tiers of DRM that are involved with the platform.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Removes Denuvo DRM - Patch 1.09

Dropping Denuvo after several months post-launch is a common trend among games that employ DRM. Publishers likely see Denuvo as the best way to protect a game from piracy during its most profitable months, but then don’t see the value in it after that window. It’s not clear whether that’s because Denuvo charges monthly to maintain its DRM and publishers decide not to pay for more than the launch window, or if publishers understand that Denuvo often comes at a performance cost and decide to do what’s best for the game after launch sales taper off.

One positive conclusion to be drawn is that Mass Effect: Andromeda is likely a better performing game on PC without Denuvo. That’s great news for those still playing, but it could offer clues towards the game’s future.

Some may see the removal of Denuvo as confirmation of BioWare cancelling plans for single-player DLC. If DLC was forthcoming, wouldn’t BioWare want to protect it from piracy in the same manner it did the game at launch? Perhaps the mysteries of DRM are best left to publishers.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: DSO Gaming