Mass Effect: Andromeda Doctor's Note Gets Players a Day Off Work


BioWare has released a 'doctor's note' just in time for fans of Mass Effect: Andromeda. Written ahead of the sci-fi RPG's release on PC and consoles tomorrow, the 'Medical Certificate' lets fans write in their very own excuse as to why they need the day off of work or school.

The goal of the note, which is written by Dr. T'Perro (played by Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer in the game), is to help fans kick back, relax, and spend the day playing through BioWare' ambitious new game.

Although it's unlikely to actually succeed in getting people out of school or work - unless they have a really understanding principal or boss - the Mass Effect: Andromeda doctor's note is a bit of fun. BioWare has released similar notes for previous games in the Mass Effect series and it's a trend that has been picked up by other major game releases, such as the Fallout 4 sick note that also aimed to give fans the day off.

Unfortunately, not all players are laughing at the note with some biting back at the developer saying that they won't take the day off because of Mass Effect: Andromeda's bad facial animations. Some have said that they were looking forward to the game's release but the footage of weird character faces and bizarre walking animations has put them off of playing the game altogether.

And the concern about facial animations isn't the only thing that has would-be players' raising their eyebrows in apprehension either. The first of many Mass Effect: Andromeda reviews have begun to roll in today and critics seem less than enthused about the game. Some reviewers have suggested that it may well be the worst entry in BioWare's hugely popular and critically acclaimed franchise, saying that wonky animations are the least of the developer's problems.

For those who had high hopes for Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is the first game in the franchise made specifically for current-generation consoles, this is massively disappointing. At this point it's unclear how much the mixed reviews and the general apathy expressed by some will affect the game's sales, but BioWare and Electronic Arts (the game's publisher) will certainly be taking notes on how to make improvements.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases March 21, 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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