Over the last week or so there has been a lot of confusion regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda and whether or not the game would receive DLC. At first, a rumor surfaced that suggested any DLC plans for the game had been scrapped, but then official BioWare devs came forward to discredit the sources.

But while BioWare did enough to discredit the source of the rumor, the studio did not refute its content. In fact, a few days later a more reliable source came forward with claims that Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC had never been planned at all.

Needless to say, it’s hard to know where Mass Effect: Andromeda truly stands – whether the game is well and truly finished or if more content is on the way. In an effort to provide closure on one rumor, Andromeda producer Fernando Melo has come forward to offer a new statement about the matter. He writes:

The “fake company” Melo is referencing is Sinclair Networks, a supposed development studio that claimed it had been hired to do work on Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC and was recently fired. At the time, few believed that Sinclair Networks was telling the truth about its involvement, but what the studio was saying still resonated.

Since Mass Effect: Andromeda’s launch there had been looming questions about the game’s post-release content plans. First, Electronic Arts said that there would not be a season pass for Andromeda DLC, which could have been taken as a sign that no add-ons were planned or that the publisher was simply going to charge for each piece a la carte.

mass effect andromeda multiplayer balancing patch 1 06

Then, the entire Mass Effect series was put on hold and developers at BioWare Montreal were reassigned to new projects, like Star Wars Battlefront. It certainly wasn’t a good sign for Mass Effect, but nothing was said about cancelling DLC, so there was still hope it might surface.

Unfortunately, Melo can’t offer any information about DLC just yet; he merely wanted to set the record straight on the rumor that BioWare was working with a third party. He obviously knows that status of Mass Effect: Andromeda DLC but cannot say anything at this time. We know some BioWare developers are working on…something, but it’s unclear what that is. It could be a piece of media that offers closure to the Andromeda story, or it could still be that DLC. Hopefully, EA lets the devs say something soon.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.