Mass Effect: Andromeda Box Art and Deluxe Edition Leak


Just hours before EA's N7 Day announcements are scheduled to begin, Mass Effect: Andromeda's box art and deluxe edition details leak online thanks to Best Buy.

Mass Effect: Andromeda might be one of the most eagerly anticipated video game releases in the next year despite the fact gamers know virtually nothing about EA and BioWare's new title. One of the biggest revelations fans have come to realize so far is that the protagonists in Mass Effect: Andromeda are siblings, which, while pertinent information, isn't exactly the kind of news that will tide gamers over for months of silence. The Shepard era of the Mass Effect series has earned a lot of respect in gaming circles outside of its highly criticized ending, but fans can only be teased about Mass Effect: Andromeda for so long before they demand much more intel on the game.

Of course, that demand hasn't begun in earnest yet because of the promises EA made earlier this week. A new trailer for the game surfaced a few days ago that suggested fans could expect more Mass Effect: Andromeda news on N7 Day, the November 7 fan holiday for the Mass Effect series. While that announcement is still forthcoming, however, the online storefront for Best Buy has already kicked the day off with a bang, as the retail giant accidentally leaked Mass Effect: Andromeda's box art and Deluxe Edition details just hours before the N7 Day event.


The box art, shown above, doesn't reveal much more information about the game but certainly looks the part of a Mass Effect title, featuring high-tech and sleek armor alongside the usual guns and omni-tools that have become so prominent in the series. It appears that Ryder, who was recently showcased in a Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer narrated by Ryder's father, is observing some kind of crash on the console version of the box art, which might indicate how the game's story could begin.

According to the Best Buy product page, it appears that the standard edition of the game will cost $59.99 USD while the deluxe edition, at least on consoles, will cost an additional ten dollars. What's more, some of the product features listed by the Best Buy page, while vague, offer a bit of direction regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda - the page suggests that gamers will "lead the First Humans in Andromeda on a Desperate Search for our New Home" while boasting about "a much more flexible skill and weapon progression tree".

While fans can expect further clarification on what to expect in a few short hours, the leak offers a first glimpse at what BioWare's follow-up effort to the Shepard space opera saga will look like, and it looks promising. Perhaps even more enticing is the fact that pre-orders are available on Best Buy now, an indication that Mass Effect: Andromeda's development is proceeding as planned after EA CFO Blake Jorgensen incited minor fan panic by suggesting the possibility of a Mass Effect: Andromeda delay should the title be taking too long in development.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime in Q1 of 2017.

Source: Best Buy (via VG 24/7)

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