EA May Delay Mass Effect: Andromeda If It Isn't Ready


During EA's latest financial briefing, CFO Blake Jorgensen states that the publisher is willing to delay the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda if it is not ready in time.

It has been four years since the conclusion of the original Mass Effect trilogy, and needless to say, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next installment of the series. While it was revealed that Mass Effect: Andromeda will be the next title in the franchise, little has been revealed about the game, other than it will be the first post-trilogy Mass Effect entry and it is currently scheduled for a Q1 2017 release. It would be five years since Mass Effect 3 by the time Mass Effect: Andromeda is released, but according to new statements from Electronic Art's CFO, players could potentially wait even longer.

During a financial earnings report shared today, Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed that while the publisher is "really pleased" with the development on Andromeda and that it is currently "tracking extremely well", Bioware have EA's blessing to delay the game's release date if the final product is not where the developer wants it to be. Due to EA's healthy financial status, the publisher has enough breathing room to move Andromeda's release date around, whether it's "a week or three, or four, or five months if [EA] have to" in order to ensure a quality gaming experience.

While news of another potential release date delay isn't the news players want to hear, fans would at least be glad to hear that Bioware have EA's permission to take as much time as needed to polish Andromeda. The recent critical and commercial success of Battlefield 1 undoubtedly allowed EA to be in a healthy enough financial state to push back Andromeda's release date if needed, but for now though, a March 2017 launch date is expected for the upcoming Mass Effect title.

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As for new details regarding Andromeda, Jorgensen stated that there is currently "no news on Mass Effect other that [EA] continue to have it in [EA's] guidance", and that the publisher will "certainly let everyone know" if anything changes. Given that we're a few months before 2017 arrives, Bioware have begun to pull the curtains back on Andromeda and fans can look forward to some sort of reveal on November 7, which long-time Mass Effect fans will recognize as N7 Day.

With Andromeda being hyped as one of 2016's most anticipated games - soon to be 2017 - as well as the follow-up entry to a critically-acclaimed trilogy, there is pressure for the upcoming Mass Effect entry to live up to expectations. Thankfully for fans and Bioware though, EA are also aware of this and appear to be willing to do anything to ensure that Andromeda will be nothing short of spectacular - even if it means yet another delay.

Mass Effect Andromeda is scheduled for release sometime in Q1 of 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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