Mass Effect: Andromeda releases a new “Andromeda Initiative” video, giving players eagerly anticipating the upcoming BioWare title another look at the game’s companions.

The forthcoming RPG shooter from EA and BioWareMass Effect: Andromeda has many on their toes as it approaches its March 21 release date. With the recent release of an absolutely gorgeous cinematic trailer that introduced gamers to a slew of interesting characters and the funner announcement that Mass Effect: Andromeda would be partnering with toy company Funko for a game-based line of Pop Vinyl figurinesAndromeda has been making headlines almost daily.

Today is no exception, as Mass Effect: Andromeda has released another video, one that gives fans a closer look at previously-announced companions and introduces a handful of new ones. The latest “Andromeda Initiative” video follows hot off the heels of the game’s official cinematic trailer, which debuted just a few days ago to booming positivity. In the trailer, Mass Effect: Andromeda gets players acquainted with its characters, including twin protagonists Scott and Sara Ryder; the Asari gal Peebee; the biotic ground missions guide and Operations Specialist Cora Harper; Liam Kosta, the expert in crisis response; and the game’s villain, Archon.

The latest video was posted on the Mass Effect website, and is essentially a team briefing — which is fitting, as it’s titled “Pathfinder & Team.” While watching, fans can find out more details about the characters they’re already aware of – most notably about the Ryders’ father, Alec, who heads up the Pathfinder crew. He was among the first people to step foot across the galaxy, and his extensive experience as an operative “speaks for itself,” according to the new video. Alec’s mission? To prep the Pathfinder “to tackle the next frontier.”

The “Andromeda Initiative” team briefing is narrated by Cora herself, who fans learn works under Alec and may even succeed him as Pathfinder in the future. More information is revealed about Scott and Sara as well; fans become aware that neither have “N” ratings, but got a healthy dose of training from their father, who is N7-ranked. Before boarding the Pathfinder team, Scott worked close by Arcturus Station and Sara was a member of a Prothean team of researchers.

mass effect andromeda pathfinder companions

A new companion seen in the “Pathfinder & Team” video is the Simulated Adaptive Matrix, or SAM. This artificial intelligence seems akin to previous Mass Effect installment’s Enhanced Defense Intelligence, or EDI. As explained in the trailer, SAM “receives a direct feed of the Pathfinder’s sensory input via a neural implant.” SAM is highly intuitive, and his sensory abilities provide him with “situational awareness, problem-solving, and even tactical enhancements.” Additionally, every Pathfinder team member will “receive implants allowing them to communicate directly with SAM.” Since this Pathfinder mission focuses on the humans, SAM might not get much attention in comparison, but he is undoubtedly handy.

With the hype surrounding Mass Effect: Andromeda only increasing as the days go by, fans can likely anticipate more announcements, videos, and sneak peeks to roll out leading up to the official release date. Until then, fans can scoop up some Andromeda Funko Pops or enroll in the EA Access subscription in order to play a 10-hour trial of the game ahead of its launch.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will be released on March 21, 2017 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.