BioWare is making available Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s second official cinematic trailer, which introduces the game’s antagonist as well as several crew members.

Mass Effect fans have been impatiently waiting more details on BioWare’s next major release in the series, Mass Effect: Andromeda. Up until now, BioWare has managed to limit the flow of information regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda, but the marketing campaign appears to now be in full swing. Today the game’s second cinematic trailer was released. The trailer is much broader and more informative than previously released trailers. The hype train is now truly rolling.

In Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s “Official Cinematic Trailer #2,” expect a bevy of small spoilers straight off the bet. The content within the trailer appears to come from the earliest portions of the game. It features introductions, albeit brief, to the Andromeda mission, the stakes, the conflict, the crew, and of course plenty of typical Mass Effect fan-service too. This is the trailer than fans have been waiting for.

The fan-service is of course a very direct reintroduction to Mass Effect‘s romance features. Male protagonist Scott Ryder is shown getting very friendly with his crew’s Operations Specialist in charge of ground missions, Cora Harper. Also, she’s a biotic. Cora isn’t the only crew member to be introduced in the trailer. Players are shown other crew members including Liam Kosta, the crew’s Crisis Response expert, Peebee the Asari adventurer, a friendly Krogan whose name is still unknown, and supplementary crew including a turian and salarian previously introduced to varying degrees.

The latest Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer also gives future players a closer look at the series’ newest alien species, the angara. Though a lot of attention is also given to┬áthe character who seems to be Andromeda‘s villain, Archon, with his shiny blue eyes, who is kett. The Ryders appear to visit an angaran collective, a diplomatic sect of angarans who appears to be interested in working with the Ryders against Archon. Of course this is all speculation, as who knows what kind of curve balls BioWare might have in store.

For more information on Mass Effect: Andromeda, future players can always check out the informative trailers coming out as part of the Andromeda Initiative. Today saw the release of another Andromeda Initiative video, on top of the official cinematic trailer. The “Pathfinder Team Briefing” goes into further detail on the Andromeda mission as well as certain individuals in the Pathfinder crew. For instance, did you know that Scott and Sarah Ryder’s father is the leader of the Pathfinder team?

Mass Effect: Andromeda is planned for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One starting March 21.