Mass Effect: Andromeda Romance Guide: Who Does Each Character Prefer

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In addition to sprawling narrative arcs, deep customization, and sci-fi action, the Mass Effect franchise is known for the many interpersonal relationships players can form with NPCs, with some even being romance options. Based on comments from many BioWare staffers, including general manager Aaryn Flynn, Mass Effect: Andromeda continues that tradition, perhaps even taking these scenes much further beyond what players traditionally have seen in past games.

Unlike the past games in the franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda features many more options for both Ryder twins this time around, letting players explore long-term romances or perhaps a short fling. For the first time in the series, BioWare has changed the romance formula in an effort to make things feel a bit more natural by providing different levels of intimacy. Now, players will find characters who may be interested only in a long-term relationship, characters who aren't seeking love, or perhaps other characters who are only interested in something simple, perhaps without any strings attached.

Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Options

For all of these changes to how romance works, one thing that hasn't changed is that certain characters prefer a certain twin (or perhaps either as the case may be). Here are all of the currently known romance options available in Mass Effect: Andromeda along with which twin that particular character prefers along with where they can be found in the game.

Tempest Crew

  • Cora - Ryder's second-in-command, Biotic Commando and Operations Specialist Cora Harper is a romance option for Scott Ryder only.
  • PeeBee - This free-spirited Asari gunslinger squad mate is an available option for both twins.
  • Vetra - The female Turian weapons expect can be romanced by either twin.
  • Liam - Security Chief Costa is interested in Sara Ryder.
  • Jaal - Not only is Jaal part of the new Angaran species, he's also a romance option for Sara Ryder.
  • Gil - The Chief Engineer on board the Tempest, Gil Brodie is an option for Scott Ryder.
  • Suvi - Science Officer Anwar is interested in Sara Ryder.


  • Keri T'Vessa - Not much is known about this Asari, but she is a romance option for either Scott or Sara Ryder.


  • Avela Kjar - For those disappointed that Jaal is locked in with Sara, Scott Ryder players can hook up with this female Angaran.


  • Reyes Vidal - Located on the planet Kadara, Vidal is a mission specific character that Scott Ryder can romance.

These are just the confirmed romance options for players in this huge game, as players do have the ability to flirt with just about anyone they want. Though, since these characters aren't capable of being romanced, expect to be turned down. At this time, it's also not well known if there are any repercussions for being a character that's involved with multiple partners in a way like The Witcher 3 handles situations like that.

Who do you plan on getting a little more than friendly with once the game hits tomorrow?

Mass Effect: Andromeda touches down on March 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: IGN

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