Mass Effect Andromeda Character Creation Gameplay Video


The Mass Effect franchise is well known for letting players customize their version of the main character. Mass Effect Andromeda is now different as not only can players customize both Rider twins, but it also affects the look of their father as well. Recent videos for the upcoming sci-fi title reveal most of the available options at launch, giving players nine default faces to pick from, then enabling them to customize further if they so wish.

Additional options include everything from hairstyles, skin color, and the usual proportion sizing and adjustments to some wackier settings players can mess around with like makeup, scars, and tattoos. Creative players will no doubt have a lot of options at their disposal to make some truly unique looking characters for their Mass Effect Andromeda playthrough.

A spoiler free video from SkillUp on YouTube dives deeper into these customization options as well. The video details the many character customization options mentioned above, going through each available option, while also showing a new aspect called Character training. After finishing the visual customization for the newly created character, Mass Effect Andromeda asks players to select a certain skill set, which ultimately defines the character's starting powers and skills. Though there are no defined classes in Mass Effect Andromeda, training will assist players into fitting a certain role using options like Leader, Biotic, Scrapper, Operative, Technician, or Security.

Before starting, players can rename their character if they wish, customize the other twin, and even define the history for the Earth's first human Spectre. While Commander Shepard, main character of the original Mass Effect trilogy, isn't part of Andromeda, the history option lets players define their hero a little bit further. As of right now, it's not known how this information ties into or affects the narrative, but for now it appears that players can either set their Commander Shepard to be male or female.

What do you think of the customization options? Are you satisfied or a bit disappointed? Let us know what you're thinking below in the comments.

Mass Effect Andromeda arrives on March 21, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: SkillUp

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