Mass Effect: Andromeda Hate Did Not Lead to BioWare's New IP Delay

Mass Effect Andromeda Facial Animations

With the long, five year development period of Mass Effect: Andromeda now behind BioWare, the company has shifted gears and moved on to its mysterious new IP, codenamed Dylan. Unfortunately for fans, the wait is now much longer, as EA announced that the new IP has been delayed into fiscal year 2019, which begins on April 1, 2018 and ends March 30, 2019. Of course, the natural reaction to news of a delay is to wonder why, with some even speculating that perhaps the negative pre-release press for Mass Effect Andromeda gave EA cold feet.

During the post-earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson squashed any speculation by confirming that this delay has nothing to do with how Mass Effect Andromeda was initially received. Without going into detailed specifics, Wilson cited the desire to expand the game’s social features as the main cause of the delay, not a fear of lower review scores.

In fact, EA has stepped up and recently come out to defend Mass Effect Andromeda. Andrew Wilson did admit that he would have liked to have seen higher reviews, but in the end was happy to see that many players enjoyed the experience and how BioWare treated the Mass Effect brand.

For now, the delayed project remains a pretty big mystery for many fans. BioWare has been extra secretive about the project, though recent reports that have surfaced regarding Dylan confirm that gameplay is in the style of an MMO-lite type of game. This style has managed to pick up steam over the past couple of years thanks to successful IPs like Destiny and Tom Clancy's The Division. The title is also rumored to be the largest game BioWare has every created, and it also marks a return to the action/adventure genre not seen from the studio since MDK2.

Even with the delay, do you think we'll be seeing any news regarding Codename Dylan at E3 next month? What are you hoping to see from the new IP? Sound off in the comments below.

Dylan is expected for release sometime between April 1, 2018 and March 30, 2019. Stay tuned to Game Rant for more information in the months to come.

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