Although the most recent entry in BioWare‘s science fiction franchise with Mass Effect: Andromeda has only been out for a little less than a week, fans of the action-RPG have already spent loads of time looking for various secrets within the game, with one Reddit user by the name of Mazorr recently discovering an Easter egg alluding to Batman. More specifically, the fun little acknowledgement of the Caped Crusader actually appears to be a reference to a promotional poster released for Christopher Nolan’s 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises.

As seen in Mazorr’s image below, the Mass Effect: Andromeda fan was exploring the game’s desert world of Elaaden when they decided to look upward and notice what appears to be the iconic Bat symbol that is emblazoned across Bruce Wayne’s chest when he takes to the streets of Gotham City as the World’s Greatest Detective. Interestingly enough, when juxtaposed next to The Dark Knight Rises‘ film poster, it’s hard to deny the similarities between the upwards view of the buildings on Elaaden and the movie artwork.

Of course, even though the resemblance between the two stills are uncanny, a debate has been sparked up on Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s official subreddit as to whether or not BioWare intentionally put the Easter egg in the game, or if it’s just coincidental. As it happens, the user fbl07 has stated, “It looks too perfect to be a coincidence,” while the user Severyx said, “Seems like a coincidence to me, but it is of the most amazing coincidences.”

While the discussion continues as to whether or not this view in Mass Effect: Andromeda is an intentional homage to The Dark Knight RisesAndromeda does have several undeniable Easter eggs hidden throughout the game that have already been discovered by fans. For instance, one secret that players have unearthed involves a reference to SpaceX hidden on the Tempest spaceship, suggesting that the company’s Mars colonization mission paved the way for the Andromeda Initiative.

Not to mention, there’s a even subtle nod within Mass Effect: Andromeda that honors everyone’s favorite turian companion, Garrus Vakarian, as fans can get a custom navy and black paint job for their Nomad vehicles entitled Archangel. Furthermore, one of the more obvious finds within Andromeda is another throwback to the original Mass Effect games, as players can acquire Commander Shepard’s iconic N7 armor. So, bearing all of this in mind, there’s no doubt that there will be plenty more Easter eggs found as the days press on during Andromeda‘s post-launch period.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit