Mass Effect: Andromeda Won't Feature Every Familiar Alien Race

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In a recent interview, creative director Mac Walters confirms that players won't be seeing every one of their favorite alien races in Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda continues to be somewhat of an enigma for fans, as BioWare appears to be taking its sweet time fully revealing the title. The community has already pored over the first trailer and a few details in a recent cover story, but certain things like biotic powers, a release date, and actual gameplay footage have continued to be held back. With a release date quickly approaching in a few months, the marketing wheels appear to be kicking into high gear, though, as more information continues to arrive each week. Slowly but surely, players are getting a better idea for what Andromeda has in store including the fact that every familiar alien race won't be making an appearance.

In an interview with Game Informer, creative director Mac Walters revealed that players won't be seeing each and every alien race from the original trilogy appear in Mass Effect Andromeda. Though BioWare isn't saying why each alien race established in the first three games won't be showing up, the studio is hoping that the reason is obvious once players get their hands on the title.

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While the news may be disappointing for some longtime fans, BioWare did confirm that the new IP has been designed in such a way that the door stays open for these species to appear in future games. Thanks to previous screenshots and trailers, players can expect to see some favorites such as the Asari and Salarians making their long awaited return, though. And a brand new species known as the Kett has also been shown, though it's not yet known if this new race is a friend, foe, or a mix of the two.

With such a memorable cast of characters from the first three games like the Turians, Quarians, and Drell, it'll be interesting to see which ones have been left on the cutting room floor. Could BioWare possibly highlight some of the lesser represented aliens like the Hanar or Elcor as well?

Though details have been coming much faster over these past few weeks, fans eagerly awaiting to see an actual trailer won't need to wait too much longer. Earlier this week, BioWare confirmed that a gameplay reveal is set for next week during the annual Game Awards event. Though BioWare won't confirm if the reveal is coming in the form of a trailer or perhaps a live demo, longtime fans will want to tune in to see the first ever gameplay.

Which alien race do you think won't make the cut when the game launches sometime in March? Let us hear your theories in the comments below.

Mass Effect Andromeda launches sometime in March 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Source: Game Informer

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