Mass Effect: Andromeda Releases 4K PC Gameplay Trailer

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Today, BioWare and Nvidia have joined forces to promote the former's forthcoming science fiction shooter Mass Effect: Andromeda and the latter's graphics cards and technology by releasing a brand new gameplay trailer featuring visuals in 4K resolution for the game running on PC. The footage features different developers from BioWare discussing the technology it used in order to make the game a reality.

As seen in the trailer below, it's revealed that Mass Effect: Andromeda on PC not only supports high dynamic range (HDR), but also it supports Nvidia's Ansel technology, which BioWare and the graphics processing units manufacturer calls "a revolutionary new way to capture in-game photography." Ansel is set to allow players to capture screenshots in 360 degrees, which can then be shared for viewing on PCs, smart devices, and in VR.

According to Mass Effect: Andromeda producer Michael Gamble, using Nvidia's technology with the Frostbite engine has managed to be particularly beneficial for the PC version of the action-RPG, as it has allowed the studio to give the science fiction shooter a higher level of detail than ever before that has "never been able to show on screen." Interested parties can view the results of Ansel working in tandem with Andromeda by checking out these 4K screenshots of the game.

While the 4K visuals seen in the above video for Mass Effect: Andromeda are decidedly impressive, there are many fans who would argue that the game could still use some work on the technical side of things. For instance, gamers who have who have spent time with the title in EA/Origin Early Access have continuously hammered home the point that Andromeda still has odd looking character animations.

Mass Effect: Andromeda fans pointed out the awkwardness of the game's character animations before when the studio released a trailer promoting the title at The Game Awards 2016, which quickly prompted a promise from BioWare's GM to say that strange animations and facial performances would be improved. However, it seems as if the problems persist, which is causing many to wonder if the developer will have the issues ironed out before launch. After all, even though some fans with PCs hearty enough to handle Andromeda at maximum settings for 4K on the platform, it might be difficult for them to overlook the less-than-stellar animations just to enjoy the game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to launch on March 21, 2017 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: NVIDIA GeForce – YouTube

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