Slash 20% off Mass Effect: Andromeda Before Launch

Update: 3/24/17: Mass Effect Andromeda is as much as 27% off. Deals updated below.

Funny facial animation be damned? It's less than a weeks before the launch of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and the pre-order deals are starting to roll in. All platforms have discount offers, some more complicated than others, but why not save a few bucks before going in on possibly the biggest RPG of the year?

PC gamers should check out the UK-based GMG for a discount on PC. There fans will see the price cut from $60 to $47.99 $43.99. The deal is valid for "VIP Members" only, but really, all that's needed to reap the benefits of the discount is to create an account or login to become one (no special fee). Otherwise, the game can be bought for $49.99 without creating an account, but that seems silly since an email address is required anyway!


Mass Effect: Andromeda Deals

Note that for PC gamers interested in picking up GMG's deal – because the retailer is based in the UK and how they are sourcing the Origin key – they won't be able to get the game on the North American release date. Thus one must have to make a judgement call on whether the $12 savings is worth playing the game a few days later after release.

As for a physical disc, arguably the best deal online is at Dell. The site mostly known for computers has a relatively impressive stock of video games, and is offering to toss a bonus $25 Gift Card to anyone who pre-orders through them (deal dies once the game is out). Dell offers the gift card bonus for all platforms.

The gift card bonus at Dell is more like a gift code. It arrives via email 10 - 20 days after purchase of the game. It carries a 90 day expiration, so use it right away, but is good for just about anything sold at Dell with the notable exception of more gift cards.


Getting a discount on console requires one to shop at either Amazon or Best Buy AND have a paid membership. It's a bit of a drag in either case, but may be worth it in the end for fans who buy several new or pre-order video games a year.

In the case of Best Buy, one will need to fork over $30 for a Gamers Club Unlocked membership to get the 20% discount on Mass Effect: Andromeda and future purchases there. Amazon's Prime is a $100 a year membership and known mostly for free 2-day shipping on everything, but also for a physical disc copy of Andromeda. In both cases, the discount only works for physical disc copies of the game (not on digital codes).

What About Mass Effect: Andromeda's Premium Editions?

For the pricey Mass Effect: Andromeda Deluxe and "Super Deluxe" Editions, fans can pick up the physical Deluxe Edition with the same 20% discount at either Best Buy or Amazon, provided of course they have either GCU or Prime Membership. PC gamers will only be able to find the digital deluxe at Origin as of writing, so there is no real discount for PC gamers if they want the additional in-game digital bonuses.

In terms of physical Collector's Edition - the myriad of confusing options depends on retailer. For starters, stock on the "Collector's Edition" which comes with the remote control Nomad ND1 are essentially out of stock at all retailers, so discounts are a moot point on that item (plus, these editions DO NOT include the game).

For those wanting the game plus some physical collectible goodie that's actually in-stock, GameStop has an "exclusive" Collector's Edition which comes with a pretty neat Mass Effect Omni-Blade cosplay weapon. The omni-tool size is measured at 35-inch in length, so its a sizable item. It comes with a display stand for those preferring to simply have it on their table. As a side note, this is simply a GameStop bundle partnership with ThinkGeek, so fans can pick up the Omni-Blade separately for $47.99 here.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will launch next week on March 21, 2017 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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