Mass Effect: The 5 Best (And Worst) Romances

Bioware games are well known for their romance options. In Mass Effect, romances could be carried throughout a series of three games. This created a ton of possibilities. You did not even have to stick to one, you could have breakups, cheat, or wait a couple of games and only romance someone in the last one.

The great thing about Mass Effect is that you can romance aliens. You learn about different cultures and can make connections with people from other planets. However, if you want to stick more close to home then you also had that option. Here is a list of the five best and worst romances in the Mass Effect series. Also, spoilers are ahead!

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10 (Best) Garrus

This one is the no-brainer of best Mass Effect romances. The entire reason Garrus is romanceable in the first place is that he was beloved by fans. They loved him so much in the first game that Bioware staff decided to make him romanceable in the second one.

This was one of their best decisions too, as Garrus is known as one of the most popular romantic companions. Players loved how awkward but sweet Garrus was. He was also one of the few companions that have stuck with Shepard throughout all three of the games.

9 (Worst) Jacob

Jacob deserves to be listed as worst five times in a row. He is the only romance who cheats on you. If you romance him in the second game, maybe look for someone else in the third game. While Shepard is stuck on Earth, Jacob meets someone else and decides to get with her. Other news: she is pregnant with his baby.

Besides all that drama, Jacob is known to be one of the most boring companions. Writers have admitted to making him like a second Kaidan, and they regret it because it just made him forgettable.

8 (Best) Liara

Liara is the one alien who was romanceable from game one and also the first romance who was available to both male and female Shepard. Since she is in all three games (though only a companion in two), she and Shepard can have a very long and complex relationship.

She is also part of the reason Shepard was resurrected by Cerberus in the second game. Unlike Kaidan and Ashley, she is also very happy to see Shepard again in the second game as well. She is also the only character you can romance in all three of the Shepard trilogy games.

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7 (Worst) Morinth

Of course she is one of the worst. She kills you. You get a game over too, so it technically cannot even be canon. Even if the game doesn't remember though, we do, and that is why she is on this list.

Morinth did have the possibility to be a complex character, but if you romance her then you learn she is just a monster like her mother said. The only way to get her onto your ship to romance her is if you kill her mother instead of her. In the third game, you get very little of her and have to kill her off anyway because the reapers get to her and turn her into their monster.

6 (Best) Tali

Like Garrus, Tali is one of the few companions that is on your ship throughout the Shepard trilogy. She is loyal, even when you are with Cerberus in the second game. While she wasn't romanceable in the first game, she is in the second and third game just like Garrus.

Tali's race has to keep themselves concealed in suit due to having weak immune systems. If you romance her though, Shepard gets to see her face. You, the player, also get to see her face in the third game. Though a lot of fans have noted to be disappointed by the reveal. Still, Tali's loyalty and constant presence has made her one of the best romances.

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5 (Worst) Diana Allers

Many Mass Effect fans just plain do not like Diana. To them, she was just added to the game as an extra character to romance. She is not relevant to the plot and only appears in the third game. She does not have any big impacts and her dialogue is forgettable. To most players, she is just someone to talk to between missions. You even have an option to kick her off the ship for some reason.

It is also odd that she was added to the story when there are other journalists that Shepard already has connections with from past games.

4 (Best) Thane 

Thane was created with female players in mind, and he delivered. He was sensitive, romantic, tough, and mysterious. He was also one of the few companions to have a kid of his own and have been married before.

His romance is also somewhat tragic, as he passes away due to illness in the third game. However, that is part of what makes his romance so beautiful to certain players. You know from the beginning that he is dying, and it is your choice whether to romance him anyway with the time he has left.

3 (Worst) James Vega

Fans have mixed feelings about James since he was new but added on towards the end of the game. Some people wished they could romance him. Luckily, DLC came out where you could.

However, it probably was not what fans had in mind. It is less of a romance and more of a drunken one night stand. James does not take it well either when he wakes up. It is a huge bummer to the end of a really fun DLC.

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2 (Best) Jaal Ama Darav

Now its time for an Andromeda character. Just because the game did not do so well with fans and critics, it still did not fail with interesting romances and characters. Jaal was particularly interesting because he was from a newly discovered species of aliens. Everything between him and Ryder and new.

If you romance Jaal, you get some really cute dialogue. Jaal wears his heart on his sleeve and encourages Ryder to do the same. It is hard not to swoon when he speaks romantically.

1 (Worst) Gil Brodie

"Wait, who?" Exactly.

Gil is another Andromeda character and is the most forgettable romance available. He is the ship's chief engineer and your personal poker buddy. If you flirt with him, he goes from poker buddy to boyfriend really quickly. Fans were disappointed by the romance not feeling satisfying and too formulaic like there was no effort put into its writing. If you want a quality gay romance, go play Dragon Age: Inquisition and date Dorian instead.

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