BioWare: 'Mass Effect 4' First Look Trailer, New IP in Development

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Video game fans playing along with E3 2014 Bingo at home have yet another highly-anticipated game to check off the list of appearances after the EA presentation with BioWare's Mass Effect 4. Although details about the game were in short supply, the presentation did reveal enough to blow lots of the theories about the game's setting to pieces...

The first look trailer, narrated by BioWare executive producer Casey Hudson, revealed a series of conceptual prototypes of both the setting and the brand new characters who we will be controlling in the next installment in the Mass Effect series. Despite many early rumors and theories, it looks like we have confirmation that the upcoming game will not be a prequel to the Shepard trilogy.

The teaser gave us a few glimpses of the new region of the galaxy that players will be exploring when the game eventually launches and, as promised, the setting looks familiar, but fresh. The locations still look at home in the Mass Effect universe, but the battle-torn scenery is quite different from the clean, high-tech zones that we all became so familiar with in the original trilogy.

Mass Effect 4 Fake Logo

The new character revealed in the art was fully clad in a body suit, so we don't have any idea what race he or she is or if they might be someone familiar to followers of the franchise. The general shape of the new N7 armor seems to suggest a human male, but it seems likely players will have control over the look and feel of their starting characters like they have in previous Mass Effect games.

Hudson explained that at the start of developing a new Mass Effect game the first step was to ask fans what they want. He says the top request from fans was to go somewhere new and move forward. With that in mind, it makes sense that the next chapter in the Mass Effect story would move forward and away from the previous cast, rather than going backwards and spending more time with them.

Hudson went on to explain that while the Montreal studio is developing Mass Effect 4, the team at Edmonton is working on a brand-new IP. Unfortunately, he didn't reveal any details about the project.

Are you excited to see the Mass Effect franchise leap forward into the future or were you hoping for a prequel? Let us know in the comments.

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