'Mass Effect 4' Devs Tease Fans With Motion Capture Image

Mass Effect Woman Shepard Original

After the game's unofficial announcement (no title revealed) at E3, it seemed like a fair assumption that the next Mass Effect adventure would arrive in 2015. After a presentation at Comic-Con that revealed how early Mass Effect 4 was in the stages of development, it became much more clear that the team still had a few years worth of work ahead of them.

The game may still have a lot of growing to do before a proper teaser trailer, but it's never too early to tease a little behind the scenes action. BioWare cinematic director Ken Thain gave his Twitter followers a little behind the camera look at a "very cool scene for the next Mass Effect." The following image was attached to his message...


Despite pleading from fans in the tweets long list of replies, Thain didn't offer any further details about who the characters in motion capture suits were or what they were doing. The tease gave fans just enough to get talking and theorizing, without actually revealing any spoilers about the game's plot.

The scene definitely leaves a lot to the imagination. We see two actors standing together on one side of the frame and on the other there appears to be some kind of image hanging in the background. Unfortunately, the photo is too out of focus to get an idea about what the image hanging up is.

So far, the developers have revealed a short list of facts about the next Mass Effect adventure, including the return of a new and improved Mako, confirmation that the game will take place during the same timeline as Shepard's story, and that the developers are putting a heavy emphasis on exploration. As expected, the game will also introduce new alien races to the universe.

Do you have any theories about what is happening in the motion captured still? Let us know or share your best caption for the image in the comments.

Mass Effect 4 is currently in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It has no scheduled release date.

Source: Twitter

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