Mass Effect 4 is one of the most highly anticipated games in development, and so far BioWare has been tight-lipped about any major details. The developer has managed to avoid any serious leaks, in spite of some claims that a survey revealed some major plot details, and has instead been incrementally updating fans with news on development. ComicCon saw BioWare revealing the return of the Mako, as well as setting the game during the Commander Shepard era.

In particular, BioWare has been a fan of releasing images to gamers, letting loose brief glimpses of Mass Effect 4’s production. The developer released several pieces of concept art in November, giving would-be players a look at some new planets and potentially new alien races. Meanwhile, BioWare also showed off an image of the motion capture process for the title.

BioWare’s latest image reveal, however, is undoubtedly the most cryptic of the lot. Michael Gamble, producer of Mass Effect 4, dropped a rather oblique image on his Twitter page this weekend. The image merely showed a star in space, but it was more than enough to get fans speculating about just what the picture could mean for the in-development Mass Effect title.

Although the image itself it not confirmed to be related to Mass Effect, there is certainly enough to tie it to BioWare’s franchise. The picture contains Mass Effect’s trademark sweeping arc, as well as the blue-to-yellow color palette that makes up part of the occasionally cliche-unleashing cover artwork. It all points towards some kind of Mass Effect 4 reveal in the near future, and E3 looks like the most likely venue. After all, it has previously been suggested that the 2015 expo could give fans a first look at gameplay footage.

A reveal at E3 in June would certainly tie in with Mass Effect 4’s production schedule. Analysts have previously predicted that the game could see a release by April 2016, which would still give the developer the better part of a year to complete the title. Of course, that may prove to be a little too early for BioWare – the project still doesn’t have a name and just nine months ago the developer said the game was only in the early stages of development.

As it stands, then, there may well still be some way to go before Mass Effect 4 becomes a reality, but that will not stop fans of the franchise from speculating on what the game will be like. Gamers already have a long wish list of things the upcoming title needs to deliver, particularly after the mixed reaction to Mass Effect 3. So far, though, BioWare is making all the right noises. The developer has said the title will not simply copy the Dragon Age: Insquisition template, and will still stick to the roots of what made Mass Effect such a powerful trilogy. Hopefully, June will see more details about the project revealed.

Source: Twitter