Mass Effect 3 is the End ...

... of the current story arc! At a recent event in Edmonton, Project Director Casey Hudson talked a bit about Mass Effect 3 and the biggest challenge of developing Mass Effect 2. Before demonstrating the game to the press, Hudson let everyone know that Bioware wasn't taking a break stating, "We're looking forward to [Mass Effect 3] and it should be more fun for us."

Mass Effect 2 provided a unique challenge since the save file from the original Mass Effect could carry over to the sequel. This meant that every possible choice made by the player in the first game  had to be considered for how it would effect the game in the sequel. It was an undertaking so large that Hudson claimed:

"I'd be really surprised if anyone else tried to do it. Mass Effect 3 will be easier because we don't have to worry about continuity into the next one."

Which raises some questions. What's going to happen at the end of Mass Effect 2 that's going to make your choices within irrelevant to the sequel? Whatever it is, it hopefully won't be another Halo 2 ending. I think we're all starting to get sick of those.

Mass Effect 2 will be coming to the Xbox 360 and PC January 26, 2010 and we here at Game Rant are dying to get our hands on it. What are your thoughts on developers insisting on everything being a trilogy?

Source: Shacknews

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