Nintendo’s successor to the über popular Wii is scheduled to release later this year, and we still have no idea what games will be available when the system releases. A list of alleged Wii U launch games has been revealed, but that has yet to be confirmed by Nintendo or any of the third-party supporters. Electronic Arts recently stepped up and detailed a few of the games they’ll be bringing to the Wii U at launch, and the biggest one of them all is Mass Effect 3.

The third installment in the Mass Effect series will be making its much anticipated debut on a Nintendo console, and EA has confirmed that there will be a handful of exclusive features for fans who managed to hold onto their money until the Wii U version’s release.

The biggest feature comes in the form of an interactive comic book that comes pre-installed on every copy of Mass Effect 3 for Wii U. According to BioWare, the digital comic will provide gamers with the option to customize their ME universe by allowing them to decide which key members of Shepard’s squad will live until the final game in the trilogy. Since the first two games aren’t available on Nintendo’s next-gen console, the interactive comic book is a good way to fill players in on what they’ve missed.

Dark Horse, the company responsible for the current line of Mass Effect comics, is confirmed to be behind the Wii U-exclusive mini graphic novel, so the quality of the book itself can’t be called into question.

There are plenty more minor exclusives for Mass Effect 3‘s big Wii U debut too, and one of them is a new weapon called the ‘Laden’. This is a heavy-duty piece of fire power, and it can lock on and completely decimate six enemies at the same time.

In other news, the Wii U controller will display Mass Effect 3‘s maps, and allow gamers to toggle between weapons and abilities without pausing the game. If players are booted off of their television by an irate family member for whatever reason, then they can also swap the game to the Wii U tablet’s screen and continue playing. Since the final product includes every piece of current DLC, there will be no shortage of things to do — and the inclusion of the Extended Cut DLC means that ME3‘s ending can’t be any more horribly received than it was when it was initially released.

Mass Effect 3 will be available alongside the Nintendo Wii U at launch.

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Source: KotakuGameTrailers