'Mass Effect 3' Console Vault Announced

Mass Effect 3 Vault Calibur11

Those who just aren't satisfied with the way their console looks out of the box should do something about it. No, we aren't talking about topping it with a kicky beret, we're talking about the epic cases (or vaults) made by the folks at Calibur11. This time the team behind the Battlefield 3 Vault, which featured a light-up Claymore and smoke grenade, is saluting the Normandy crew with a limited edition Mass Effect 3 vault.

This vault includes an overall Mass Effect 3 design, combined with Commander Shepard's chest piece (with two LED light-up modes), headset, side controller cradle, and a nifty certificate of authenticity. The bells and whistle, while shiny and oh-so-pretty, also serve to boost airflow to your console by lifting it slightly from the surface -- effectively keeping your console cool in a completely different way.

Additionally, buyers will receive a limited collector's DLC exclusively with the vault, redeemable for as-yet-unannounced multiplayer items. The amount of details has to be seen to be appreciated, so have a closer look:

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This is just another addition to the growing list of pre-release items available as we near the launch of Mass Effect 3, such as the two iOS tie-ins releasing this month and the Facebook App, to name a few. All packed with plenty of bonus material and DLC to prepare gamers for Shepard's last hurrah.

The vault is available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but only in the Slim versions of the consoles. Sorry, bulky consoles. Customization like this isn't just a perfect purchase for hardcore fans, but an overall fun way for gamers to mix their love of Mass Effect with their real world style. It's certainly not the first time that Commander Shepard has been brought face to face with another power in gaming (check out this GR Pick where Mass Effect meets Portal) but this one might just be the most tempting.

The vaults are available March 6 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $89.99, the same day as Mass Effect 3.


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Source: Calibur11 (via Gamezone)

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