'Mass Effect 3' Unboxing Reveals 2 Discs and Fem Shep Cover

Mass Effect 3 Unboxing

Even though it has taken three whole games, Fem Shep, the female version of Commander Shepard that countless gamers use to play through their Mass Effect adventures, is finally getting the attention she deserves. While, previously, marketing has been relegated to focusing on the male version of Commander Shepard we have come to be familiar with, BioWare has made a big push to place Fem Shep right alongside him for Mass Effect 3.

In fact, as revealed by a new unboxing video for Mass Effect 3, the game will feature a reversible cover, with one side featuring a male Shepard and the other a female one.

That Fem Shep image is of course the one who went through a rigorous fan vote, and has been seen more recently in a bunch of Mass Effect 3 promotional items including a trailer. She may not be everyone's version of Shepard, but at least the sex can be correct on your box art.

Also interesting to note about the unboxing is that Mass Effect 3, like ME 2, will be featured across two discs. It has been a common practice for EA to spread their larger experiences across two DVDs, so hopefully this is a good sign that Mass Effect 3 is filled with a ton of content -- or it could be one disc for single player and one disc for the new multiplayer components.


Watching an unboxing video might pale in comparison to experiencing the event for yourself, but that shouldn't undermine how excited we are to see any part of this game. BioWare has promised a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy, along with original content to bring in newcomers, and clearly this reversible cover is a small signifier of that. Now if only we could put our own version of Commander Shepard on the cover.

Which Mass Effect 3 cover will you be using: the original Shepard or the Fem Shep version? How do you think the game will be broken up across the two discs?

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: BioWare

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