Mass Effect 3 Trailer: FemShep Takes Back Earth

Mass Effect 3 Redhead Female Shepard Wins Fan Vote

The Mass Effect series, like most BioWare games, is all about choice. Players can choose how they play their adventure, can make their own moral decisions and can even choose what type of character to play. With a limitless amount of Commander Shepard variations distributed across both genders, for some it was odd that all of Mass Effect's marketing and cover art over the years focused solely on one definitive "default" Shepard, the male character based off of model Mark Vanderloo.

So, as part of EA's marketing efforts to strike a chord with all demographics, fans were given the opportunity to vote on a default female Shepard design. After a few rounds, redhead FemShep became the official poster girl for Mass Effect 3 and the first female Shepard gameplay trailer debuted last month.

Since then, among the daily headlines made from Mass Effect 3, we've seen the amazing live-action trailer, the goosebumps-inducing launch trailer and the cinematic 'Take Back Earth' trailer which has now been re-released with FemShep leading the charge.

The trailer, exclusive for EW, is a recut version of the extended Mass Effect 3 Take Back Earth trailer, starring female Shepard leading the charge against the invading Reaper forces with Ashley Williams at her side.



Click HERE to watch the HD trailer at EW.


If you're as excited as we are for tomorrow's release, be sure to check out these fun features:

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.


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Source: EW

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