Mass Effect 3 To Be Fun & Light?

In a recent interview with Mass Effect director Casey Hudson, a few Mass Effect 3 details were discussed. Unfortunately, there was no new information about the game's inventory, weapons, vehicles, etc., but Hudson did address how the games have managed to tell mature and, at times, dark stories.

What may be worthy of a little concern, however, is the fact that apparently this new Mass Effect will "...bring some fun and lightness back." Yes, the series has had some light humor in the past, but what to they mean by "bring it back?" I really don't remember Mass Effect being that humorous, with the occasional exception of Joker. In fact, I would say that ME2 was much more funny than the first game.

Hudson also states that we can once again expect game saves to carry forward, like with ME2. Mass Effect 3 will also be approachable for those who wish to enter the series during its last chapter. (I'm not sure why anyone would want to do that, but hey, to each their own.) Not much else was reveled, except that Mass Effect 3 will be the epic conclusion to the Reaper story.

My expectations are so high for Mass Effect 3, that I can't help but think I'll be disappointed. Please, BioWare, you have yet to let me down -- lets keep up the trend!

What expectations do you guys and girls have? Also any thoughts on how this story might end?

Source: OXM

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